Similar Ideas. Wine Tasting Score Card for 4 Wines DIY Printable Wine by ksoldo, $ Printable Wine Score Sheet - Wine Tasting Shower or Party. When Wayfair asked if I could host a wine tasting party, I did a happy I found a couple printable wine scorecard sheets on Pinterest but none. Using a wine tasting scorecard can help you create notes about the wines that you drink. Whether you use it for a formal wine tasting or as a method of.


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The color of the wine and how it clings to the side of the glass this is known as the wine's legs The scents of the wine before and after you swirl it in the glass How tannic the wine is The way the wine coats your tongue and feels in your mouth referred to as body The flavors of the wine How long the wine lingers on your palate and how the flavors change as it lingers known as finish You might also make notes about which wines you enjoyed the most, and, if you have an experienced palate, you might even place a guess as to what type of wine it is that you just tasted.

Wine tasting score cards you've tasted the wine, made your notes, and the wine has been revealed, you can compare your sheet to notes made by the other guests, or even experts.

Blind Wine Tasting Parties Blind wind tasting parties are fun events, because they combine wine knowledge, gamesmanship, friends, and fun.

Info to Record on a Wine Tasting Scorecard | LoveToKnow

At a blind wine tasting party, you may have guests guess the type of wine, the region of the wine, wine price, or even have guests taste all of the same varietal of wine with one different wine tasting score cards and guess which is different.

The premise of the evening was to blindly taste six different wines, give each one a rating and guess the varietal, and reveal each bottle at the end.

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The winner of the game received a small prize to make things more interesting. A mix of marble, wood and slate serving platters, bowls and baskets were used for my presentation: Swallow the wine, or use a spittoon.

Pay attention to how the wine changes, and notice flavors that may linger on your palate wine tasting score cards you swallow it.


Cleanse your palate with water before moving on to the next wine. Wine Tasting Scorecard You don't need to be an expert to use a wine tasting scorecard as you sample and evaluate wines. Since you will be using the information for your wine tasting score cards purposes and enjoyment, there is no need to be intimidated by the process.

Instead, use the scorecard to spell out your own personal impressions of the wine. Whatever flavors and scents you note won't be wrong.


You will typically find the following categories on a scorecard. Basic Information This includes winemaker, vintage, varietal or type of wine, where and when you purchased the wine, and its price.

Appearance Note the wine's color and viscosity. Is it deeply colored or light?

Info to Record on a Wine Tasting Scorecard

How clear is the wine? Aroma What do you smell when you sniff the wine? Can you smell distinct scents in the wine?