There's been a brutal murder, a young local boy was tortured and nailed to a carob tree as if on a cross. The two local police officers of this tiny village in Peru set. Palomino Molero, a young singer-guitarist who joined the Peruvian Air Force, apparently to be near his love, has been found dead, his tortured and mutilated. Who Killed Palomino Molero, an entertaining and brilliantly plotted mystery, takes up one of Vargas Llosa's characteristic themes: the despair at how hard it is to.


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It's not important or surprising to learn that the commander of the base had his subordinate killed for making love to his daughter and trying who killed palomino molero marry wed.

What is important is the morass in which the answer lodges. In a community without social structure, the different powers--military, economic, political--fight or compromise from the individual corners, usually surreptitiously but with an occasional public flare-up.

Society is simply the trackless no-mans-land between the contenders. It is into this no-mans-land that Lt.

Book review -- WHO KILLED PALOMINO MOLERO? By: Mario Vargas Llosa

Silva of the National Police and his sidekick, Lituma, find themselves launched when the horribly mutilated corpse of a young man is found impaled in a carob tree near the Talara Air Force base.

Silva, bitter but honest, and Lituma, credulous but observant, are entrusted with the who killed palomino molero duty who killed palomino molero finding the murderer and bringing him to justice. The brief action takes place in the sunbaked torpor of a small seaside town near the base.


In the foreground are the very modest lives and concerns of a few of the characters, which Vargas Llosa sets out in a vivid and expert shorthand.

There is Lituma, the sparky one in his circle of young men who hang about, not doing very much, and who live for their evenings at the local bar and brothel. Written by the distinguished Peruvian novelist Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter, The War of the End of the World, the tersely recounted story follows who killed palomino molero progress of two detectives whose efforts to track down Palomino Molero's killer are blocked by an Air Force colonel and his daughter.

Lituma remembered his sweaty face and his scared voice when he walked through the station-house door: I can take you there if you want, but we have to go now because I left my goats all alone and somebody could steal them.

Who Killed Palomino Molero? Summary -

As he was getting over the jolt of seeing the body, Lituma had noticed the boy counting his goats on his fingers. He heard him breathe a sigh of relief: The corpse stank to high heaven.

The sun was boring holes through the rocks and through their very skulls. He must have been rotting at a record pace.


Yet he enlisted in the Air Force. We have conspiracy theories, mental illness, perhaps rape and incest, infidelity and sexual humiliation, rampant corruption and more.

The ending is simply brilliant and breath-taking.