The epic finale to the THE SWORD OF TRUTH series. Richard and Kahlan's destinies have been bound together since their first encounter in Wizard's First Rule. Warheart: Sword of Truth - The Conclusion (Richard and Kahlan) [Terry Goodkind] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. All is lost. Evil will. Warheart [Terry Goodkind] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. All is lost. Evil will soon consume the D'Haran Empire. Richard Rahl lies on.


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She explains that Warheart goodkind Arc's occult powers would have killed Richard warheart goodkind accepts her death sentence for using her Agiel on Richard. Richard instead forgives her and kisses her which he uses as a threat to keep her in line, telling her he will let the other Mord Sith know of the kiss.


Richard releases the spirits who find their bodies and the fighting is over. The restored half-people ask to speak with Richard and then swear fealty to him by reciting the warheart goodkind. The world is restored, and Richard lets everyone know Prophecy is ended and prepares to purge books of prophecy.

Vika is the new Warheart goodkind that serves as Richard's and Kahlan's protector.

If you go in to this book with the realization that Goodkind seemingly wanted to be done with his creation as quickly as possible and tieing up all the loose ends that he could see, and you don't hope that there will be any more sequels, then this book would be 'adequate.

Some minor and major spoilers below, though I don't spell anything out just in warheart goodkind there are people who read this who warheart goodkind finished it and Desperate sacrifices are required.

Warheart (Sword of Truth, book 15) by Terry Goodkind

I shouldn't have to count that as part of "the good" because it's something that should, generally, be a given in a work of fiction. But the fact of the matter is, that it hasn't been for a long, long time with this series. I keep reading in hopes that Goodkind will recapture some of the magic and adventure from his earlier career, only to find the story sinking deeper and deeper into awful warheart goodkind bland mediocrity.

This story really doesn't have much need to exist, now that it's over. It was sold as the continuing adventures of Richard and Kahlan It just sort of seems like Goodkind wanted to write more, but didn't want to go through the effort of coming up with a new world, new characters, or even work up the will to write it out very well.


The entire five book story I'm counting The First Confessor as part of it, because it really sort of is warheart goodkind lazy, badly written, and didn't warheart goodkind have much reason to be told. I pretty much already ranted about everything I wanted to during the synopsis part of the review.

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I'd just like to warheart goodkind how extremely let down I was by Goodkind's choices with Richard's character in this book. It left me feeling absolutely disgusted with him.

I blew up about Zedd's death in the previous book, because of how disrespectful it was to the fans and to the character. What Goodkind did to Richard in this book. This is a thousand times worse. And it is for this reason that I'm giving this book 2 stars instead of 3. Because Goodkind absolutely, irrevocably, utterly and completely destroyed Richard as a character for me in this book.

That was warheart goodkind, and the reason that I refuse to read a single other book in this series if Goodkind decides to write more. There is no recovering, or going back from that.