In his fury and his need to defend himself against Joss (former friend turned slayer), Vlad may have killed him. He also has fed from the mad. As a teenage vampire, Vlad has spent the last four years trying to handle the pressures of school while sidestepping a slayer out for his blood. Now he’s a senior, and in this final, action-packed book in the series, Vlad must confront the secrets of the past, unravel the. Twelfth Grade Kills The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod Summary.. Vladimir Tod Do you like this story? Main Idea What did you learn from this story.


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Tensions between characters are pale shadows of what they should be.

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  • Twelfth Grade Kills by Heather Brewer | Scholastic
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When the major deaths in this book happened they seemed glossed over at best considering how disproportionate Vlad's grieving was over a pair of deaths that happened years earlier in comparison to ones that occur right before his eyes.

And the plot holes! Dear god the plot holes are so big I could drive an army of semi-trucks through them and still have enough room left over to have the Enterprise lead the calvary.

And while twelve grade kills is a personal gripe I do wish Mrs Brewer would take a page from King's On Writing and stop describing her character's wardrobes.

Twelfth Grade Kills

They're twelve grade kills bad and immature - "come to the dark side we have cookies"? Since when was that t-shirt popular with anyone over the age of 13? Oh well, when all is said and done I keep asking myself what did I really expect?


I read the series voluntarily and twelve grade kills pretty much all that I asked for - mindless brain munch good for in between midterms, plus let us not forget that as a female adult college student I'm not exactly the target audience here. I just can't help from feeling disappointed though, despite everything I was looking foreword twelve grade kills seeing how the series would end and instead I got a hot mess that couldn't even keep it's own mythology straight much less tell a believable and convincing story.

As for this being the last of the Vlad books I don't buy it. There's so much left unsaid here that at times it literally seemed to be screaming "save stuff for the sequel!

Vlad then negotiates with Em to let him go free if he gives her his father, who of which Vlad is still uncertain is alive. Em agrees and gives Vlad until the end of the year to hand over his father.

She then tells Vlad that she is actually his great-grandmother. Vlad is immensely surprised, especially when Otis reassures him by saying it's true.

After Em's visit, Vlad and Henry go to the hospital to visit Joss. Two cops confront Vlad about Joss and Vlad answers some of their questions.

Twelfth Grade Kills #5

Joss's mother will not let Vlad anywhere near Joss. After the visit, two more cops confront Vlad outside the hospital. The four cops attack Vlad, revealing that they are Slayers.

Vlad knocks them unconscious with his twelve grade kills abilities. Later that day, Vlad begins his search for his father all over town. Soon enough Henry, Otis and Vikas help him in the search.

Twelfth Grade Kills by Belen Lopez on Prezi

Finally, days later, Vlad decides to go to his hiding spot the belfry in the school. When he is there, he discovers his father, who greets him warmly and explains his motives for hiding.

Vlad and his father finally make up go to their house as father and son. At the house Tomas says he was hiding from a secret vampire society that wants the Pravus to enslave vampire kind to make twelve grade kills the world's supreme rulers and that they were responsible for the fire and Mellina's death.

Otis shows up soon after and gets angry at his half brother for making Vlad suffer for many years. At the end, Snow is turned into a vampire by Vlad to keep her from dying, and Tomas is revealed to be evil and a man who had Vlad just so Vlad could become the Pravus and then Tomas could take his powers.

Tomas also killed Vlad's mom, and the man in the charred bed was Aidan, the son of Dorian. Nelly dies at the hand of Tomas, then later Vlad kills Tomas with Joss's stake.