The Toyota JAT Air Jet Loom is known for “weaving the highest quality fabric at the lowest possible cost” and is designed to meet all of your weaving needs. TOYOTA AIR JET LOOMS JAT JA4SCM WITH E-SHED (8 SHAFTS)RUNNING AT RPM FOR. Find used Weaving - air jet looms for sale on Exapro, or sell your Air jet loom. Toyota T Air jet loom. Year: LOCATION: China. PRICE ON REQUEST.


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Additive disk type tensioner is used for weft insertion which maintain proper tension in the weft yarn.

It is an electric sensor which detect any weft break in the region between weft package and accumulator and automatically stop the loom in case any weft break.

It is adevice which fitted between weft package and main nozzle that unwinds a predetermined length of toyota air jet loom from the package and store it in the form of no. This yarn then fed in to insertion device. It is an electronically controlled electromagnetic device integrated along with the accumulator.

Its function in toyota air jet loom the yarn at starts of insertion and stop it at the end of insertion.

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It is fitted just after accumulator, its function is to separate the balloon formation. So as to reduce as ballooning tension as well as minimize the tension fluctuation.


It is generally used for coarser yarn. Its function is to form the air jet from compressed air with the required velocity and acceleration characteristics and project it in a proper direction in to air guide channel.


Fitted in series along the sley. An adjustment support function has been added, which helps reduce defects in quality and enables the user to make quick adjustments to the machine setting.

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The independently-driven shedding technology developed by TICO enables faster weaving of complex fabrics, thus achieving both high-speed and versatility.

With toyota air jet loom new function panel, the large inch panel allows large amounts of information to be displayed on a single screen, and the adoption of swipe operation provides easier, more visual operability.

Based on the philosophy of founder Sakichi Toyoda, which reflects his strong commitment to manufacturing, Toyota Industries responds to a broad range of needs with its extensive product line-up, from air-jet looms, for which the company enjoys the top global leadership in unit sales, to spinning frames and roving frames.

Air-jet looms are capable of weaving plaids, as well as dobby and jacquard fabrics. In an air-jet loom, yarn is pulled from the supply package, and the measuring disc removes a length of yarn of the width toyota air jet loom fabric being woven.