It's fair to say that this trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic - Knights of the Eternal Throne is actually a great story told in a very compelling. Looking for Gaming Gifts delivered to your doorstep? Checkout *merchandise custom designed by us: https. a new era of Star Wars legacy with the Old Republic, they sought out Blur to direct and produce a groundbreaking cinematic that won best trailer of E3 in


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Star Wars: The Old Republic | BLUR

Sometime after the Battle of Odessen, the Outlander, a veteran of the Great Galactic War, leads the Alliance in a battle against Empress Vaylin as she begins her conquest of the galaxy. Facing some of the biggest threats they have ever encountered, the Outlander and their Alliance discover new worlds and undertake dangerous undercover missions in their fight to take control of the Eternal Throne.

Some time later, Valkorion oversees a quarterstaff sparring match between Arcann, Thexan, and several Knights of Zakuul. When Thexan notices Arcann being knocked down by one of his opponents, he rushes to help his brother, pushing one of the Knights away with the The old republic trailer and defeating the rest with his quarterstaff.

‘Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of the Eternal Throne’ Trailer Is Stunningly Cinematic

However, after Thexan helps Arcann back to his feetthe twins both notice their father leaving the site without saying a word. As the Jedi clear the hangar area of The old republic trailer soldiers, Okarr aids the two troopers,in fighting off an attack from a Sith boarding party.

In the midst of the fight, Malcom's comrade is killed, and Okarr defeats the remaining Sith soldiers while Malcom closes the door. While preparing to board Okarr's ship a Fury-class Imperial interceptor lands in the hangar, and two Sith emerge.


Corporal Malcom and Okarr board the smuggler's ship and prep it for launch, while Satele and her Master attempt to hold off the two Sith: The Jedi Master skillfully duels both Sith, severely wounding the Pureblood Vindican by stabbing him in the stomach with one of Shan's lightsaber's blades.

Malgus takes his wounded master's lightsaber along with his own and re-engages the Zabrak. They fight each other blow for blow; however, Malgus quickly gains the upper hand, and after disarming Master Darach he finally kills him by slashing him across the chest with both blades.

Satele feels his deathbut fights on holding off the Sith long enough for them to make the jump to Hyperspace. Knights of the Eternal Throne puts the player at the center of their own explosive battle to rule the galaxy. As the Outlander, a veteran of the old republic trailer Great Galactic War, players will have the power to make their mark based on their light and dark side choices.