Breathing Instructions - 4/21/ I'm in the process up updating my CD with high quality scans of both the and editions of the Eye of Revelation (EoR). The Eye of Revelation was originally published in and updated in by Peter Kelder. It contains the actual story of the discovery of the. Two million copies of Peter Kelder's edition of the Eye of Revelation have been sold. This is Kelder's "lost" Edition, reprinted for the first time with.


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Five Tibetan Rites

Of course, this doesn't really prove anything one way or the other. Still, it is mighty curious. I haven't raised the price so I get to use the word "free" which is supposed to make people flock to your products.

Comparison docs can be quite confusing to read. Sometimes you have to figure hard the eye of revelation 1939 understand why the computer did what it did.

Never-the-less, most of the changes are easy to understand and they are important. You can find the new and improved CD here.

And may I remind you that these CDs will make a wonderful Christmas gift.

The Eye of Revelation by Peter Kelder - Ancient Secrets of the Fountain of Youth

The new CD will include a comparison document showing the editorial changes that were made the eye of revelation 1939 the to create the This updated CD will probably also have an indexed version of the so we can all find certain passages more easily.

Comparing the and the editions is very revealing. A skilled writer almost certainly James Hilton updated the to create the My recent research into the Hindu Secrets connection has raised the possibility that Kelder, more than Hilton, wrote the -- albeit it under Hilton's guidance.


However that works out, the revisions tightened the writing and improved the instructions for the I have long considered the to be the definitive version the eye of revelation 1939 the EoR.

A couple of days ago, while looking over my EoR comparison document, I was reminded that the recommended taking one or two deep breaths between Rites, but that this was removed from the In the "Further Information" section you will find" "Does anything else go with these Five Rites?

The first is the eye of revelation 1939 stand erect with hands on hips between the Five Rites and take one or two deep breaths. The other suggestion is to take either a tepid bath or a cool, but not cold, one after practicing the Rites.

The Five Tibetans "The Eye of Revelation" 1939 & 1946 Book Free

Take either a the eye of revelation 1939 bath or a cool, but not cold, one after practicing the Rites. Now, I've always been struck by the fact that there are no breathing instructions for the Rites proper except of course Rite Six which is all about breathing but practiced only when sexually aroused.

Most people add such instructions but when you consider that the removed the last trace of breathing instructions from the EoR, one has to consider whether there might be an overarching purpose to just breathing normally during the Rites. Just one of the many mysteries of the Five Rites. The lack of the eye of revelation 1939 instructions does not appear to be an oversight; rather, it seems to be quite deliberate.

Five Tibetan Rites - Wikipedia

It was very apparent to me that either Kelder had borrowed from Raux or Raux from Kelder. There are remarkable similarities between the Five Rites and Raux's Hindu Movements, as he called them. The eye of revelation 1939 spent perhaps six months researching this question and have concluded that Emile Raux borrowed from Kelder, even though he published several months before Kelder.

the eye of revelation 1939 How he could have done this is not obvious and it was only because I once freelanced a bit that I was able to figure this out. A much more detailed explanation of this will be in my next book about the Rites. Kelder, I reasoned, must have sent a query letter to a publisher which was passed along to Raux.