The feeling you're left with after reading The Art Of Thinking Clearly, by Rolf Dobelli – a bestseller in Germany, newly translated into English – is. "A practical self-help book for all who want to improve their thinking and increase their flow of ideas." In essence, the book presents research material available. If you love reading about all thing psychology and human behavior, The Art of Thinking Clearly is the book you don't want to miss.


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At the risk of sounding pompous, perhaps my definition of a life well lived includes engaging with fellow citizens' deaths, not walling myself off.

  • The Art of Clear Thinking

Or — less pompously — take celebrity gossip: Of course, as a journalist, I'm hopelessly biased; for many people, a news ban might really be best. But it isn't automatically a path to an objectively "clearer" way of thinking. To see the art of clear thinking problem with "thinking clearly" more clearly sorryconsider the "endowment effect" — the way we hate losing things more than we enjoy gaining them.

The Art of Clear Thinking by Rudolf Flesch

In the early s, Daniel Kahneman and his colleagues gave coffee mugs to half a group of undergraduates, then asked the mug-owners how much they'd be willing to sell them for, and the non-mug-owners how much they'd be willing to pay.

On average, owners thought the mugs almost twice as valuable, simply because they were theirs. But is the art of clear thinking as confused as it seems?


Newer research suggests what's going on is the first glimmering of sentimental attachment, as you might feel for your late grandfather's watch.

It's no surprise that Dobelli's background is entrepreneurialism, where life must sometimes feel like a constant stream of weighty, zero-sum decisions.

The Art of Thinking Clearly - Wikipedia

But the real art of thinking clearly doesn't involve adopting someone else's view of rationality; it means ironing out the conflicts between your own values and daily behaviour. When you get an idea, write it down.

Further chapters discuss ways to get more out of reading, thinking in and around the home about family and quotidian things, the art of clear thinking kind of thinking is best at work, and, finally, he reminds the reader that thinking can be difficult, that accepting common ways of doing things even if in error is often easier.

He concludes the book: Also particularly interesting was his discussion of how to parse any given text for its concreteness, which is essentially to say its soundness as a statement of fact.

This column will change your life: why Rolf Dobelli isn't thinking clearly

The method he proposes eventually worked itself into some standard readability tests that are still used today, e. Its price, however, was enough to pique my interest in the writer.

I thus looked up Rudolf Flesch and read about his contributions to the us It was on a whim that I shopped on the local eBay website when I saw the art of clear thinking of the classic book sellers peddling a book that was more expensive than most of his other items.

I thus looked up Rudolf Flesch and read about his contributions to the use of plain English in everyday life.

He is also among the developers of the Flesch-Kincaid readability test where I usually classify in the 'highly abstract' categoryamong other the art of clear thinking.

I decided to read him without further ado, but opted to read other works of his first.

The Art of Clear Thinking: Rudolf Franz Flesch: : Books

When I saw two books of his being sold as a bundle on the international site, I pounced on the opportunity and got this book along with The Art of Plain Talk. There is a good amount of outdated data, particularly regarding computers, as this book was published in His suggestions about tackling day-to-day problems, however, remain useful and practicable even until today.

The art of clear thinking of Flesch's quips are also witty.