Ease the pain and limited motion of carpal tunnel syndrome with these tendon gliding exercises for your hands. Instruct patient on suture site care, tendon glides, and edema control. ▫ Educate patient on splint regimen (full time except for exercises). 2 nd. Post-Op Visit. 4 - TENDON GLIDING COMBO: REPETITION: 10 / FREQUENCY: 6X / DAY. Start with your fingers and wrist straight. Without moving your wrist, do the following.


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  • Flexion Tendon Glides

Patients will often present with good FDP pull-through when the finger is blocked in extension, but tendon glides poor at making a full fist.

It is possible there is not enough force on the tendon adhesion when in extension.

Tendon Gliding Excercises

tendon glides Tendon Gliding Exercises Hook tendon glides FDP achieves maximum glide with respect to sheath and bone as well as a fair amount of glide over FDS. Achieves maximum glide of FDS with respect to flexor sheath and bone. Make sure that each of these exercises is preceded by full finger and wrist extension within the limits dictated by tendon healing of the current stage Isolated FDS Exercises The superficialis tendons have separate muscle bellies which allow isolated PIP flexion of each digit.

To achieve isolated FDS activity, flex one finger at a time at the PIPJ, with the uninvolved hand keeping the other fingers in extension. These tendon glides are held together inside a sheath and held down close to the bones underneath.

Hand Tendon Gliding Exercise – 1-HP

An organized and structured method helps you make sound decisions in analyzing the mechanical cause of movement impairment syndromes, determining the contributing factors, and planning a strategy for management. Detailed, tendon glides clear explanations of examination, exercise principles, specific corrective exercises, and modification of functional activities for case management provide the tools you need to identify movement imbalances, establish the relevant diagnosis, and develop the corrective exercise prescription.


Your thumb can rest against your index finger. Move back to your starting position, with your fingers and tendon glides pointing up.

Repeat the series of motions 8 to 12 times.

Flexion Tendon Glides – Physical Edge

Switch hands and repeat steps 1 through 6, even if only one hand is sore. Intrinsic flexion slide 2 of 6 slide 2 of 6, Intrinsic flexion, Rest your affected hand on a table and bend the large joints where your fingers connect to your hand. Keep your thumb and the other joints in your fingers straight.

Slowly straighten your fingers. Move tendon glides to your starting position, with your hand bent.

Tendon Glides for Trigger Finger

Keep the tension as you straighten and bend your fingers 10 times. Repeat at least 3 times throughout the day. Tendon glides up a small item and put it in your palm. Squeeze tightly for a few seconds.


Then release by opening your fingers wide. Repeat a few times.