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The first issue concerns how the U. Systems designed to streamline operations and increase profits permeate the globe.


Along with adopting U. One characteristic of this digital revolution is the automatization of jobs to increase labor efficiency and drive profits, a process that favors the use of non-animal energy nuclear energy, electricity, gasoline, oil and the like over human or animal energy.

Digitization and automatization have subsequently led to outsourcing, whereby corporations isolate segments of their business and allocate them to third parties, sometimes overseas, instead of employing individuals within the corporation.

The fact that outsourcing has now become standard practice in most economies proves that the globalized world values financial wealth over human individuality. Naturally, every single human being is multi-faceted, unique and possesses a distinct ethnic heritage. Nevertheless, these variances are becoming more and more disregarded as globalization advances.

If we use this globalized business philosophy to evaluate the theatre, it seems an extremely inefficient activity—a large group of people coming together for an extended period of time to create a single tadashi suzuki the way of acting, which is usually unprofitable and wasteful.

Armed with these convictions we must, as artists, reaffirm the theatre's critical role in the age of globalization.

The Way of Acting: The Theatre Writings of Tadashi Suzuki - Google книги

This, above all, must be our main objective. The tadashi suzuki the way of acting issue concerns how globalization has standardized systems and homogenized lifestyles the world over.

Nowadays, at first glance, it is hard to differentiate between Chinese, Korean or Japanese youth based on fashion or behavior. Similarly, when I taught in Russia and the United States, I had the impression that students there behaved in more or less the same way.

The way of acting : the theatre writings of Tadashi Suzuki

I am wary, however, that politicians have started to take advantage of these inclinations by using historically significant art and culture to capture public support for their agendas. The fact is, regardless of how much globalization homogenizes lifestyles or prioritizes economic growth above all else, the language, religion, history and traditions of each country will remain tadashi suzuki the way of acting.

By overemphasizing the culturally specific aspect of the arts, government leaders can create a deceptive rhetoric of national identity and thus galvanize a mandate to justify their actions and policy.

This is the paradox of globalization.

Of course, ideally globalization creates a world where everyone lives in equanimity and a universal commonality of thought facilitates human communication. Still, the more unified the world becomes, the more people will seek to express the singularity of their heritage and confirm tadashi suzuki the way of acting country, religion, ethnic group and history they belong to.

This is not necessarily a bad impulse, but it does portend that art and culture will increasingly be presented in a setting where people are searching for a national identity, with politicians looking to capitalize on that need.

Despite the growing appropriation of art for political purposes, the theatre and all tadashi suzuki the way of acting cultural activities still provide a way for people to collaborate while appreciating differences in nationality and ethnicity.

Dating back to ancient Greek drama, the theatre in particular has a tradition of engaging foreign culture to examine issues of co-existence.

The Way of Acting: The Theatre Writings of Tadashi Suzuki by Tadashi Suzuki

tadashi suzuki the way of acting Driven by this history, many theatre artists continue to actively investigate how people from different cultures, religions and national identities function together in society. The third issue I want to address scares me somewhat.

I of course love the theatre, and being a director who has worked in many different countries, I know the joys of collaborating with people who have a different set of values from my own. On the other hand, while international exchange has flourished in our time, a frightening phenomenon generated by the global accumulation and sharing of data has also developed.

Data, by its nature, is de-physicalized.

The Way of Acting: The Theatre Writings of Tadashi Suzuki

In the case of terrorism, this information can be gathered by crossing national boundaries, identifying and then monitoring certain individuals in order to prevent violence and maintain global order. Led by the U. Even as I speak, the ideas certain people express and the actions they commit are recorded in the databases of digitized societies and then shared through myriad networks.