Editorial Reviews. About the Author. R.A. SALVATORE has spent so many years winding himself into fantasy worlds that he's still trying to figure out how to. The fifth in a series of premiere hardcover editions of Salvatore's classic dark elf tales. This new release of the classic R.A. Salvatore novel continues the tale of. Streams of Silver (Forgotten Realms: Icewind Dale, book 2) by R A Salvatore - book cover, description, publication history.


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Salvatore's first book, and while I found it very enjoyable, there were elements of it that led me to believe Salvatore hadn't quite perfected his craft. I'm happy to report that Salvatore's follow-up novel, "Streams of Silver", is streams of silver ra salvatore improvement in just about every way!

For one thing, there is far more originality to be found.


While the main storyline involving our heroes embarking on a quest is hardly anything new spoiler alert for any new reader I knew I was in for a wild ride early on when the heroes faced off streams of silver ra salvatore a wild pack of barbarians although I do wish Salvatore had given them a more intimidating name than "The Sky Ponies"!

We're The Sky Ponies! Why are we so feared?!?

Ask yourself this question From then on, things get refreshingly original. One chapter that takes place entirely in a magical city where streams flow upward and people cross streams of silver ra salvatore from underneath would feel right at home in a Terry Pratchett novel.

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By the time the heroes were forced to fight tree-like "bog blokes" and zombie-like trolls, I had come to recognize that R.

Salvatore's imagination was far more magical than any of the spells that are cast throughout the book!

Streams of Silver

From Icewind Dale they first reach the city of Luskan. There Drizzt and Bruenor have to deal with Whisper and her gang to obtain a map of that area of the Realmswhile Regis and Wulfgar get involved in a tavern brawl.

The party then crosses the Crags where they have to face a streams of silver ra salvatore of orcs and the Uthgardt of the Sky Pony tribe, which unleashes a Spiritual Beast against them.

Artemis Entreriwho is streams of silver ra salvatore for Regis, captures and interrogates Catti-brie.

He learns of their quest from her and goes on the party's trail bringing her along. Also Dendybar the Mottleda wizard of the Host Tower of the Arcane who is interested in the companions, believes Drizzt is in possession of Crenshinibon.

The assassin and the wizard end up joining forces. The two warriors are evenly matched in battle, and each sees a twisted mirror image of himself in the other; Drizzt the drow with a human soul, and Entreri the human who should have been born a drow.

Streams of Silver (Forgotten Realms : Icewind Dale, book 2) by R A Salvatore

During the battle, a cave-in separates the two groups but results in Drizzt and Entreri being trapped together deep in the complex. They are forced to work together to escape, an experience which heightens both their resentment of the other's ideology, and their respect for one another's prowess.

Although initially tasked with the capture of Regis and streams of silver ra salvatore return of the ruby for his master Pasha Pook, Entreri finds himself so challenged by Drizzt's very existence that he later uses Guenhwyvar's statue, stolen from Drizzt, to further bait the drow into following him so that they can duel to find out who is the better warrior.

Bruenor, Wulfgar, Regis and Catti-brie, believing Drizzt to have perished, continue their quest with heavy hearts; Bruenor decides that they will only scout the upper levels, and begins to doubt the wisdom of trying to retake Mithril Hall.

They find the Hall of Dumathoin, recovering streams of silver ra salvatore magical bow Taulmaril the Heartseeker which later becomes Catti-brie's signature weapon.

On their way out, they find themselves attacked by duergar, and forced into a battle with the shadow dragon Shimmergloom, the master of the duergar.

It is only because of Bruenor's heroic sacrifice that the dragon is slain and his friends survive. Shortly afterwards, Drizzt is reunited with his friends, although Entreri takes advantage of the situation to finally lay his hands on Regis and make his escape, taunting Drizzt to follow him.