Stacking. .. Figure Logging cycle setting. Figure Bottle turning device speed setting. switches are store-and-forward devices offering low latency for high-speed .. The slow blink behavior is an on/off cycle once every seconds, approximately. . Ports on a switch or stack member may be set to operate at reduced power. Stacking. .. Figure Logging cycle setting. Figure Bottle turning device speed setting.


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Note about scale quantize mode: Scales are factory set in a custom control unit and cannot be changed by the end-user.

Output Mode The third mode button adjusts the output mode.

There are three choices which work with all other combinations of settings: Normal - When the mode LED is not lit, normal mode is selected. When the speed stacking cycle anleitung or oscillator is not running, the lowest voltage will be output. Inverted - When the mode LED is lit, inverted mode is selected.

When the envelope ramps up the output will actually go down instead. When the envelope or oscillator is not running, the highest voltage is output.

In this mode the output will be centred around 0V when not running. This mode is useful for making gated trills and other effects with oscillators.

Speed stacking cycle anleitung works for both envelope speed stacking cycle anleitung oscillator modes and can be used to modulate the up and down time of the envelope, or the rate of the oscillator.

Note about output calibration: The outputs of the envelopes cannot be calibrated. If using for pitch, try using the FM IN on the oscillators to allow the scale span to be adjusted easily. This can be filtered or used as a source of audio.

Kilpatrick Audio - PHENOL Manual

The bandwidth and resolution of both signals is limited by design. Adder The adder speed stacking cycle anleitung a useful section which performs mixing, scaling and inverting of audio or control voltage signals.

The IN 1 and IN 2 jacks are internally mixed using an active mixer.

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The LED shows the in-phase speed stacking cycle anleitung. Note that by adding too much gain it is possible to cause clipping of the output, or overdriving whatever is connected to the output of the adder.

Divider The divider allows gates and pulses to be divided to create signals which are slower but related in time.

Assembly Manuals

This is most useful for dividing LFOs or clock signals to create outputs which change another parameter at some divisor of the main clock. For instance, if a signal is taken speed stacking cycle anleitung the OUT 2 jack, it will toggle on or off every time the input rises.

To use, input a gate or pulse signal into the IN jack.

The outputs will divide the input signal by 2, 3, 4, and 6 all at the same time. Keep in mind that a signal cannot be divided equally into 3, so the on and off time of the output will not be equal.


There is a magical feature of the divider module related to resetting. This section also contains a small sequencer which can record and playback short sequences.

Note about settings and sequences: Settings such as the pitch bend range, and the sequence recorded in the sequencer are not saved during power off. Both inputs can receive messages at speed stacking cycle anleitung same time. There are no settings for the MIDI converter channel or output mapping.

It always responds on MIDI channel 1. Pitch bend messages will work in the normal way when notes are played.