The Sound Ideas Sound Effects Library was the world's first royalty free collection of stereo sound effects to be recorded and mastered digitally. The sound. Series by Sound Ideas at Royalty Free Sound Effects Packaged CD Libraries shipped to you on CD, DVD, or Hard Drive. Sound Ideas is a company that produces commercially-available sound Series Sound Effects Library Series Ambience Sound Effects Library.


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Sound Ideas - 40 Years of Sound

Add the third extension of the Series to your sound collection - now ready sound ideas series 2000 immediate download. Get the third extension!

Series - Extension 4 Series - Extension 4 The fourth extension of the Sound Ideas Series contains an additional 1, sounds and noises originally compiled on 10 audio CDs and now available for download. From practical sound ideas series 2000 unusual sounds, this archive offers a massive expansion of your collection.

Search the index of this sound archive and discover a collection of recordings that include Humvees, airplanes, heavy road and pavement construction, industrial atmospheres, stone and wood noises, water, rain, liquids Check out the track sheet of the fourth expansion or click here to find out more about this archive Series - Extension 5 Series - Extension 5 With the fifth extension of SeriesSound Ideas add another 1, sounds and noises to their collection, continuing the successful tradition of the Series This extension to the Series features spectacular new recordings of cars, trucks, motor bikes, racing cars, stock cars, freestyle motocross, thundering B and B17 bomber plane flyovers, military jets, NASCAR racing, funny cars, video game music, ice and snow FX, impact sounds, rain and thunder, paintball sounds and noises.

Please click here to read more about the fifth extension of the Series Series - Extension 6 Series - Extension 6 Sound Ideas continue the popular Series sound archive with the sixth extension that adds another 2, sounds and noises to the collection.

The 2, sounds and noises comprise all sorts of audio recordings in every imaginable acoustic category: Sound Ideas also recorded a cash register, the inside of a casino, computer and comedy sounds, laugh tracks, crowds, applause, as well as exterior sounds including rain, water, wind and air.

Series - Extension 7 Series - Extension 7 More than 2, sound ideas series 2000 free sound FX and noises are included in Sound Ideas' seventh extension to the Series - available on audio CD or, more conveniently, for download.

Sound Ideas Series The General Sound Effects Library | Avosound

This versatile extension of the Series sound archive offers a comprehensive collection of professionally recorded sounds, atmospheres and noises that occur in everyday life as well as some extraordinary and specialised ones. In the seventh extension archive you will find all sorts of exciting war machinery that was used before the advent of industrialisation: Also included is a nice collection of a sound ideas series 2000 and arrow sounds as well as a proper battle axe.


All we can say is: Stay up to date and expand your Series collection with the seventh extension, featuring more brilliant sounds. The seventh sound ideas series 2000 contains a great collection of airplanes, ambulances and many other sounds that can be found on the track sheet.

Sound Ideas Series 2000 General

More info about the seventh extension. Series - Extension 8 Series - Extension 8 The eighth extension of the Sound Ideas Series sound archive adds another 1, sounds and noises to the collection.

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This versatile extension contains sound recordings of all sorts of animals e. In the company released the Lucasfilm Adventure Series Sound Effects Library, the first collection of effects from a major motion picture studio to be released commercially.

sound ideas series 2000 Its most well-known general collection, the Seriesprovides more than 20, sound effects on compact discs, and contains a variety of sound effects which can be added to film soundtracks during post-production.

The company's sound effects are also used throughout the world in radio and television broadcasts and in many types of multimedia applications.

Sound Ideas - Wikipedia

Its flagship collection, the General HD, provides more than 38, high definition sound effects delivered on hard drive. Its largest collection, the Ultimate Hard Drive, provides more thansound effects available on hard drive.

Both contain a wide variety of sound effects which can be added to film soundtracks, TV shows, or video games sound ideas series 2000 other media applications during post-production and come with worldwide licensing.