Bandung. Retrieved July 2, , from Ardyanto, A. (, April 1). Sejarah Kebun Raya Bogor — kerjasama. Rafflesia dan bunga bangkai yang jangkung, bukanlah satu-satunya tumbuhan yang menarik perhatian turis di Kebun Raya Bogor. Peperangan yang terjadi di Eropa menyebabkan Belanda mengalami kelesuan, Kerajaan Belanda pun mengembangkan ilmu pengetahuan, maka dikirimlah.


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The second, Sustainability Matters: The third and fourth compilations, Sustainability Matters: Inilah Victoria amazonica Poepp. Sowerby, jenis teratai endemik Sungai Amazon.

Bogor Botanic Garden Kebun Raya Bogor

Diameternya mencapai ,5 meter! Blume Director of the Garden from to This was the basis of the catalogue which is still used today.

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Seven years later Justus Karl Hasskarl was appointed his assistant curator and convinced the director to re-arrange sejarah kebun raya bogor plantings in the Garden by taxonomic families. This was a major undertaking as a huge part of the collection had to be transplanted.

Some trees were too large to be moved as can be seen today by the date of planting shown on read labels. Hasskarl proposed starting a library, which was opened in as the Bibliotheca Bogoriensis, and constructing a separate building for the Herbarium Bogoriense, which was opened in In he wrote the second catalogue of plants which listed more than species.

Over many years Teysmann brought thousands of plants into Bogor from his travels throughout the Archipelago. The striking flame tree, Delonix regia Leg. These were the first specimens to be introduced to Indonesia.

Unfortunately the last of the original trees died in but offspring of these mother plants can be found all over South East Asia. Palm oil is of major economic importance as a food source and has useful fibres for ropes, matting and broom heads.


Teysmann was also remarkable for discovering the importance of cassava, Manihot esculenta, as an alternative food source between rice harvests or when harvests failed. It was originally found in Batam, an island off Sumatra, growing as a hedge, and is know grown all over Indonesia under many different local names such as ubi kayu, singkong, and ubi perancis.

The root tuber sejarah kebun raya bogor a highly versatile food source and the leaves which contain cyanide sejarah kebun raya bogor only edible when cooked.

Wah! Ada Teratai Raksasa dari Amazon di Kebun Raya Bogor

The lianas, plants of Entada phaseoloides, are vigorous. The local kids love to use them as swings. Climbers with conspicuous flowers can be seen on both side sejarah kebun raya bogor the road. Derris elegans has wisteria-like pink flowers. On the other side of the river, various trees are planted.

Sustainability Matters: Environmental Management In The Anthropocene - Google Книги

Further down, there are palms, ferns and fruit trees and tropical shrubs. A large area II J, Q is devoted to the water plants. Cyrtosperma johnstonii has large arrow-shaped leaves on long stocks and beautiful arum-liked flowers.

The spade is purple on the outside and creamy within. Lasia concinna, Montrichardia arborescens are nearby. This area is best for the vista.

The rain was starting again, so I headed back to sejarah kebun raya bogor hotel. Halfway, I wanted to get some fruits from the traditional market.