Standard-issue medical procedural from CNN medical correspondent and surgeon Gupta (Cheating Death, ). In his fiction debut, Dr. Gupta—a practicing neurosurgeon and Chief Medical Correspondent at CNN—transports readers into an exclusive. Dr. Sanjay Gupta (right), Executive Producer of 'Monday Mornings', with Ving Rhames, who plays Dr. Jorge Villaneuva, the trauma chief in the.


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Q&A: Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Executive Producer of Monday Mornings

Thus the second sentence of the book: But would it have mattered whether the uniforms were of green cotton, the sanjay gupta monday mornings red, the boots brown?

None of them are based on me, but I think I relate to all of them in a way. For instance, there was a woman I trained with who never left the hospital. She essentially just lived in the hospital for seven years.


She was always there, and that can be a very good thing because she was so dedicated. But she had no life at all. Sydney Napur [Sarayu Rao], one of the characters in the book and the TV show, that was a little bit [based on sanjay gupta monday mornings.


One of the things I was really trying to get into the character of Sung Sanjay gupta monday mornings [Keong Sim], the Korean neurosurgeon, was something my parents experienced as immigrants.

For Park to become chairman one day, he is going to have to improve his English.


In the show, the young, star neurosurgeon Tyler Wilson Jamie Bamber keeps making the same mistake: Sanjay gupta monday mornings doctors really so afraid to talk to one another?

There is an arrogance sometimes. His whole life is dedicated to being a surgeon, similar to Sydney. He does not have relationships or friends outside the hospital.

He lives by himself.

What are the biggest, preventable mistakes that doctors make? The more common ones are things that are small but can have a more significant effect—like giving antibiotics at the wrong time, not following up on exams, and ordering blood tests and not evaluating them. What mistakes have you made as a doctor that still stick with you?

Everybody has been at the lectern at one point or another. I was sanjay gupta monday mornings my fifth year of training as a neurosurgery sanjay gupta monday mornings, and there was a situation where there was an infection in one of our post-operative patients.

MONDAY MORNINGS by Sanjay Gupta | Kirkus Reviews

At one point in the book, a surgeon who has become emotionally sanjay gupta monday mornings by a fatal mistake hops a flight to Miami sanjay gupta monday mornings stay in a luxury hotel, then flies to Colorado to see his sister for a cup of tea to talk about it.

I recognize that it takes incredible drive, intelligence and stamina to survive and thrive in high-powered academic medicine. I couldn't get through the years of coursework followed by marathon shifts of internships and residencies, then continued expectations of research, publications and teaching while trying to care for patients in practice.

Much of the public thinks that Doctors are Gods, and Gupta shows us that they are deeply flawed gods.

Monday Mornings

But he by no means undermines the idea that they are gods. Some of his characters show righteous anger at the injustices of the system. Tina, one of the doctors who's story we follow, becomes angry and complains to her boss when a resident is tossed for an error no more egregious than others committed by surgeons in the course of the book.

But the resident sanjay gupta monday mornings booted anyway.