All about Powersat by Ben Bova. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. America needs energy, and Dan Randolph is determined to provide it. He dreams of an array of geosynchronous powersats, satellites which would gather solar. The NOOK Book (eBook) of the Powersat: A Thriller of Technology, Terrorism, and Hope by Ben Bova at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on.


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The second being Lars Fuchs, an independent miner who has a dream of building a space habitat in orbit above Ceres.


Each begins to raise the ante, and none are willing to back down. Jupiter - Takes place at least 20 years after the events of The Rock Rats. Astrophysicist Grant Archer dreams of studying black holes and pulsars, hoping to unlock the secrets of the universe.

But in a world where many people are divided between being religious fundamentalists and die powersat ben bova secularists, Grant is an oddity; a believer who is also a scientist.

powersat ben bova This puts him in the uncomfortable position of being recruited by the 'New Morality' as a spy.

They wish to send him to Jupiter station, where the International Astonautical Authority mines the fuel for fusion power. Grant has no desire to go to Jupiter, as there is no purpose for someone of his discipline at the station, but he is in no position to refuse.


Making things even more difficult, Grant has no idea what, exactly, he powersat ben bova being sent there to find out in the first place. Saturn - the space habitat Goddard is launched from Earth, on a two-year journey to Saturn; twice as far from the Sun as anyone has gone or lived before.

The habitat is made up of ten thousand people; most of whom are exiles from Earth, thrown out by the New Morality, Holy Disciples or Sword of Islam.

As the habitat goes further into deep space, some begin to plot and scheme; to create a new society in their eyes. However, most do not realize that they are all part of an experiment. The battle for the belt continues, as hostilities flare up once again between Astro and HSS, with Lars Fuchs still caught in the middle.


Things become even more dangerous, however, as the powerful Yamagata Corporation seeks to manipulate Astro and Humphries into all-out war, with the intent of taking over the badly damaged winner and claiming the belt for themselves. TitanJohn W.

Campbell Memorial Powersat ben bova Goddard has arrived in orbit around Saturn, and the task of exploring the moon Titan begins.

Grand Tour (novel series)

Why did they call me in for an interview, you might be asking? My guess it was just in case I was a young blond hottie, or maybe it was to be able to say they couldn't find any qualified female programmers despite having made an effort in recorded instance to government agencies.

So, powersat ben bova a year of looking for a computer-related job, I ended up powersat ben bova a secretarial office manager for a Seattle engineering firm in the mid's.

The engineers were six men and one young beautiful non-English speaking Chinese girl who had struck the boss's eye on a trip he took looking for work for his engineering company in China.

She was moved to Seattle on a special green card called an 'essential skilled worker' Eb-3 Visa. The boss, who owned the company, rewrote all of her assigned reports for clients, which were written by her in a fractured English, paid her half of what the men earned, which was still three times powersat ben bova salary.

I know, because part of my job was doing the bookkeeper role and paychecks. In the yearwhich was ten years after I moved on from the office manager job with the engineers, beautiful polished young women were being promoted and moved up in many successful tech companies, and such firms, and political organizations also, could then publicly exclaim how progressive their credentials were.

Go to any mid-sized city library and check out the required annual powersat ben bova reports powersat ben bova popular tech companies, especially the photos of any highly-placed women in public roles.

Glasses are almost the only thing marring some of their lovely faces.

Powersat by Ben Bova | LibraryThing

Asian firms inevitably today still have young beautiful women fronting as the public face of the company. Once, I walked into a tech company for a job interview, which was working from a north of downtown Seattle, at a Lake Union address, next to a world-famous restaurant and Seattle Port Authority and City of Seattle government offices next door, a mostly glass and wood building.

The dozens of women all looked to be 19 to 21 years old, wearing tight short skirts no pantsall with long perms it wasworking in what looked to be an old-fashioned typing pool of sorts centrally located on an open-floor plan. All of the men were in closed door offices with windows looking out at the lake.

When I arrived for my appointment and identified myself to a mini-skirted woman, I waited a long time past my appointed hour. Men kept appearing, looking at me with stunned concerned faces. Rival firms want to buy him powersat ben bova and take control of his dreams. His former lover wants to co-opt his unlimited-energy ideal as a campaign plank for the candidate she's grooming for the presidency.