Open it in Photoshop and, using the Move Tool (V), drag it into our main document. Rename the layer to "Texture" and make sure it's placed. Create vintage poster art using Photoshop and Daz Studio Mercedes Benz Poster and Postcard Design in Photoshop. Long story short, one thing led to another, and I came up with a poster which led to the flyer design. For this tutorial I will be teaching you guys.


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Create a Vintage Style Poster in Photoshop - Photoshop Tutorials

Place it 30px below the biggest circle. After that, duplicate the underline layer again and place the duplicate so that it sits just above the horizontal guide at the bottom of the canvas. Choose ChunkFive font at pt size and write "FUN", then set the Tracking to and place it about 12px above the underline at the bottom.

Find one of the bigger star shape layers that we created earlier for the circles design element, duplicate it twice and then move the duplicates into the poster making in photoshop between the letters. First, give the stars that are in the gaps between the word "Fun" a Drop Shadow layer effect.


Then, in the Layers Panel, right-click on one of the star layers with the drop shadow and then choose Copy Layer Style from the contextual menu that appears. Select all the layers inside the "Typography" layer group except the circle shapes, right-click on poster making in photoshop of the selected layers, and then choose Paste Layer Style.

Solution, in my opinion, VRAY surpasses them all.

For this reason, I chose to use this engine for the tutorial. You can get a hold of a demo from here.


Without further ado, lets continue on. I absolutely enjoy white text but you can change the color to match your creative ambition. Step 4 — Lighting Lighting.

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I promise, this will be easy. Vray is the way my friends. We will simulate a rig for a studio lit scene without using a 3 pt. One simple focused shot of the main subject or conflict of the film to tease the audience.

Keep in mind that the higher the resolution, the more work your computer will have to do. Your image should capture the what you think is the main focus of the film and that will make people intrigued in your poster making in photoshop.


With the help of the Magic Wand tool, select the white background and then hit the back space to detach the silhouettes from it. Change its blend mode to Multiply and lower the opacity to about 25 percent. Position the pointer in the central poster making in photoshop of the poster and drag to create a dark vignette around the borders.

The vignette should emphasize the important elements of the design, not conceal them. Choose a light red color, set the size to and lower the opacity to 20 percent. YouTube is a good platform for these things.

Anyway, my 3 steps for good poster is Step1: