Xfmea Report Sample – Process FMEA. This report was generated with ReliaSoft Xfmea by HBM Prenscia software in Microsoft Word. Similar. FMEA Number: Controlled. Control Plan Number: Controlled. Title page. Enter header data for all documents from one place. These reference numbers will be used throughout the FMEA process. See FMEA Checklists and Forms for an example PFMEA Occurrence Ranking Scale.


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These are tests, procedures or mechanisms that you now have in place to pfmea example failures from reaching the customer.

These controls might prevent the cause from happening, reduce the likelihood that it will happen or detect failure after the cause has already happened but before the customer pfmea example affected. For each control, determine the detection rating, or D.

This rating estimates how well the pfmea example can detect either the cause or its failure mode after they have happened but before the customer is affected.

Detection is usually rated on a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 means the control is absolutely certain to detect the problem and 10 means the control is certain not to pfmea example the problem or no control exists.

On the FMEA table, list the detection rating for each cause. Optional for most industries Is this failure mode associated with a critical characteristic? Critical characteristics are measurements or indicators that reflect safety or compliance with government regulations and need special controls.

Usually, critical characteristics have a severity of 9 or 10 and occurrence and detection ratings above 3.

Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA)

These numbers provide guidance for ranking potential failures in the order they should be addressed. These actions may be design or process pfmea example to lower severity or occurrence.

They may be additional controls to improve detection. Also note who is pfmea example for the actions and target completion dates.

10 Steps to Conduct a PFMEA

As actions are completed, note results and the date on the FMEA form. Only the headings are shown for the rightmost action columns. Notice that RPN and criticality prioritize causes differently.

The higher the RPN, the higher the relative risk. The RPN gives us an excellent tool to prioritize focused improvement efforts. Taking action means reducing the RPN. The RPN can be reduced by lowering any pfmea example the three rankings severity, occurrence, or detection individually or in combination with one another.

It usually requires a physical modification to the process equipment or layout.

10 Steps to Conduct a PFMEA | QualityTrainingPortal

Reduction in the Occurrence ranking is accomplished by removing or controlling the potential causes. Mistake-proofing tools are often used to reduce the frequency of occurrence. Pfmea example reduction in the Detection ranking can be accomplished by improving the process controls in place.


Adding pfmea example fail-safe shut-downs, alarm signals sensors or SPCand validation practices including work instructions, set-up procedures, pfmea example programs, and preventative maintenance are all detection ranking improvement approaches.

What is considered an acceptable RPN? The answer to that question depends on the organization.

For example, an organization may decide pfmea example RPN above a maximum target of presents an unacceptable risk and must be reduced. If so, then an action plan identifying who will do what by when is needed.


Pfmea example are many tools to aid the PFMEA team in reducing the relative risk of failure modes requiring action. Mistake-Proofing Poka Yoke Techniques that can pfmea example it impossible for a mistake to occur, reducing the Occurrence ranking to 1.