Learn More: PDFpen for iPad & iPhone is your mobile PDF. PDFpen - Edit and annotate PDFs with ease. Download the Download PDFpen from Buy iOS version ($; compatible with iPad. I recently did a series of seven tutorial videos on how to use PDFpen for iPad and iPhone. They're now available to watch at the PDFpen.


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Like everything else in PDF Expert, moving files around is extremely quick and easy. Dragging a PDF file on top of another creates a folder, which is shown via the files changing into a folder icon nice touchbut we would love to be pdfpen for ipad to toggle this action into a merging action.

PDFpen free download for Mac | MacUpdate

Dragging one PDF file onto another to merge pdfpen for ipad two together would be a better use for this action; after all, folders can always be created by tapping the new folder icon. When you do find yourself tapping the Select button, be prepared to smile if working with PDFs is a large part of your life, as it is for me.

As expected, tapping this button allows you to select multiple files to act on. However, it also opens up a new set of options in the sidebar, including: Zip files — Want to send a bunch of files to a client?


You can zip them up in PDF Expert for sending. Stars and Color Tags — Just pdfpen for ipad they sound, you can color-code file names and star documents within PDF Expert, if that helps you stay organized.

‎PDFpen 3 – PDF Editor on the App Store

Upload — In addition to the normal sharing options i. This is phenomenal for keeping documents backed up. Not all of these features pdfpen for ipad unique to PDF Expert, but it was the only app we tested with all of the features together in one app.

The most elusive to other apps are the tagging, zipping, and merging features.

Even at that, many other apps simply did not perform these actions as easily as PDF Expert does. Not to mention, some of these tasks are even easier in PDF Expert on the iPad than they are in some desktop applications for the Mac.

pdfpen for ipad


Though specialized apps do exist for this specific task, we are trying to find a good all-in-one PDF solution. You can do this in one of two ways: As mentioned above, you can tap Select from the file picker view and select any PDFs you want to merge, then you simply pdfpen for ipad Merge.

Great for some things, not for others Sep 21, McZune I was emailed a doc and I'm trying to insert a signature from a scanned PDF on my iPhone and cannot find a way to do it. I could sign the document pdfpen for ipad the app, but there should be a way for pdfpen for ipad to store the signature that I've already scanned to be used for this purpose.

There doesn't seem to be a way to select the text in a document and copy it or do anything with it.

This seems like it would be the primary reason for using the app on your phone. Personally, I'd like the developers to reconsider the organization of the toolbar menus, as I've sometimes struggled to find a particular option because it pdfpen for ipad too buried inside a popover menu with multiple choices.


Perhaps pdfpen for ipad menus or a taller toolbar could help in this regard. Text can be manipulated, too, either through boxes you can move on screen, or by dragging your scribbles around. And, obviously, if you need to digitally sign PDFs, PDFpen will let you do that as well by letting you save any annotation as a template you can reuse later.

PDF Expert's editing toolbar and popup menu above Vs.