For one, it did not work under all circumstances on PDFCreator Plus, Business and Terminal Server We hope you will enjoy the release. version we just released which fixes the settings migration from older versions. Today, we are happy to publish the largest release of PDFCreator in a into that temporary folder and remove files that are older than one day. Today we have released PDFCreator This version returns to the older Ghostscript as the new version had problem with making text.


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PDFCreator 3.2.1 released

As for individual setttings, we allow to set the application language and the update interval right now, we are the most requested settings at the moment. On top, some informational screens can be disabled as well, like the welcome screen after installation and pdf creator older version information on PDF Architect.

While a policy is set, certain settings will not be available to the user and hint is displayed, that the setting is defined by the admin. When the policy is released again, the original value will be in place again.


You can find a full guide to what is possible here For the future, we are thinking of ways to provide more functionality here as well, i.

If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see here, let pdf creator older version know in the comments.

PDFCreator 1.0.2 released

It has been requested for a long time and now it is possible to create a mail from your print job without having to select a location on the hard drive.

The output files are now stored in a temporary location and attached to the mail client. When PDFCreator closes, it will look into that temporary folder and remove files that are older than one day. pdf creator older version

This process is required, because PDFCreator does not know when you actually send the mail. This can take a few moments and if PDFCreator deletes the pdf creator older version before they are sent, you will run into trouble. The new PDF Architect loads faster than ever and the new hibernate mode will not fully shut down PDF Architect when closing the application, but will leave a small process running.


As a result, PDF Architect will open instantly afterwards. The new side-by-side view allows you to put two documents next to each other and scroll through the synchronously, to look for things that have changed.

Pdfforge | PDFCreator Release

Of course, there still is the pdf creator older version document comparison tool. Where in the past the devision in "Application Settings" and "Profile Settings" might have been confusing for some users, now there is a clear horizontal navigation bar which is composed of the most important options such as Home, Profiles, Printers, Accounts as well as Application Settings and Help.

We wanted to bring the settings that might to be changed regularly to your attention.

We have also realized, that many users did not know about a lot of features that existed. Most features are placed more prominent.

The settings button now only contains settings, that you seldom or hopefully never have to access i.

PDFCreator 2.5.3 released

Profile Settings The Profile section is designed to define specific settings as a profile. The settings are now grouped by meaning i.


The new arrangement allows the user to make the desired settings in the most useful and logical order. For example Auto-Save and interactive conversion are now defined as first thing when configuring a profile, as they define the behaviour of the whole pdf creator older version.

Pdfforge | PDFCreator - Download for free, download pdf printer, pdf writer, pdf maker

Settings that exclude each other are hidden or disabled. Accounts The main navigation includes a new Accounts option. Once an account is configured it is available for all workflows. Retyping pdf creator older version information somewhere else is not necessary anymore.

This is very helpful for users who regularly use automation and multiple printers. But you do not have to configure the accounts here.