The Paston Letters Go Live. The collection known as the Paston Letters is one of the largest archives of 15th-century English private correspondence, comprising about letters and documents including petitions, leases, wills and even shopping lists. This letter dates from , and is one of the Paston Letters, the largest surviving archive of private correspondence in English from the ME period. The Pastons. The Paston Letters are a collection of correspondences between members of the Paston family of Norfolk gentry and others connected with them in England between the years and The collection also includes state papers and other important documents.‎History of the collection · ‎Published editions · ‎Chronology.


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His wife, Beatrice Somerton d.

He bought a good deal of land in Norfolkincluding property in Paston and Gresham Castleand improved his social position by his marriage with Agnes Barry paston letters. She frequently quarreled with her children.

Paston Letters - Wikipedia

On his death, he left a large and valuable inheritance to John Pastonthe eldest of his five sons, who was already married to Margaret d.

England was experiencing instability at this time; the nobles surrounding the king did not allow him sufficient power to govern, and much of England was effectively lawless.

A lawyer like his father, Paston spent much of his time in London, leaving his wife to look after his business in Norfolk, a task which Margaret, a sensible and competent paston letters, managed with considerable skill.

Many of the letters were written by Margaret to her husband in London. The letters written during the lifetimes of John Paston and his eldest son, also named Johnare most numerous paston letters provide the most insight, not only on their family matters but on the overall history of England.

Paston letters and papers of the fifteenth century, Part I

John Snr's two sons, both imaginatively named John just to make our lives easierinherited a legal nightmare centred on the manors of Caister Castle, Coton and Hellesdon of which the beautiful hunting lodge at Drayton still remains. It is this part of the Paston story which is so colourfully illuminated by the many letters that passed between them and their mother, Margaret.

She was still living in her beloved manor paston letters Oxnead.

Not only were Sir John Fastolff's heirs still contesting the will, but they were willing to take advantage of the turbulent times to try and get what they wanted by force. On several occasions, the Pastons were constrained to fight for what they now owned, the most dramatic contest being over control of Caister Castle paston letters was resolved only three years before John the Elder's death from plague.

John the Elder paston letters a bit of a dilettante.

He spent most of his time hanging around the King's Court in London, for which his mother constantly berated him. It was not simply that his obsession with London lost them control of Caister, but she was also concerned for his paston letters.

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On more than one occasion, she urges him to paston letters careful in the plague-infested city. This was especially after they lost their grandmother to the paston letters in She was proven right as John the Elder did die of the plague.

Paston Letters | collection of English correspondence |

His brother, John the Younger, tells his mother of the news in November Margaret learns of her son's death: I did not think that it would have been paston letters, for I supposed that he wished to be buried at Bromholm and that caused me to ride so soon to London to arrange his bringing home; and if it had been his will to lie at Bromholm, I would have brought home my grandmother and him together, but that purpose is now void.

John the Younger December And in good faith, I shall never while God sends me life, dread more death than shame. The collection of more than 1, items contains legal records, local and national news, and gossip; through paston letters this, the characters of the writers emerge vividly.