My Sister's Keeper” is an immediate audience-grabber, as we learn that an year-old girl was genetically designed as a source of spare parts. My Sister's Keeper has ratings and reviews. Lindsay said: Have you ever read a book that really pissed you off? Pissed you off so much all. Critics Consensus: My Sister's Keeper gets fine performances from its adult and child actors, but the director's heavy-handed approach turns a worthy emotional.


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Of course it did poorly at the box office cause they decide to bring a movie more directed to being sad out at the same time as transformers2 which was stupid.

My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult

But really you need to go see my sister s keeper movie. But I'd argue that in his case, you're dealing with an onion… someone whose reality is several layers away from what's on the surface.

The question isn't whether Jesse's bad… it's what made him that way in the first place… and whether that's really who he is, or just a facade he uses to protect a softer self from greater disappointment.

How did you choose which quotes would go at the beginning of each section? Lawrence -- are these some of your favorite authors, or did you have other reasons for choosing them?

Jodi Picoult

I suppose I could say that all I ever read are the Masters… and that these quotes just popped out of my memory… but I'd be lying! The bits I used at the beginning of the sections are ones that I searched for, diligently.


I was looking for allusions to fire, flashes, stars -- all imagery that might connect a family which is figuratively burning itself out.

Sisterhood, and siblinghood for that matter, is a my sister s keeper concept in this work.

My Sister's Keeper

Why did you make Isobel and Julia twins? Does this plot point somehow correspond with the co-dependence between Kate and Anna? What did you hope to reveal about sisterhood through this story? I think there is a relationship between sisters that is unlike other sibling bonds.

Jodi Picoult · My Sister’s Keeper

It's a combination of competition and fierce loyalty, which my sister s keeper certainly evident in both sets of sisters in this book. The reason Izzy and Julia are twins is because they started out as one embryo, before splitting in utero… and as they grew their differences became more pronounced.

Kate and Anna, too, have genetic connections… but unlike Izzy and Julia, aren't able to separate from each other to grow into distinct individuals. I wanted to hold up both examples to the reader, so that they could see the difference between two sisters who started out as one and diverged; my sister s keeper two sisters who started out distinct from each other, and somehow became inextricably tangled.

Anyone who has watched a loved one die and anyone with a heart in their chest would be moved by the heartfelt, realistic and moving depiction of sickness and death that is presented in this story.

My Sister's Keeper - Rotten Tomatoes

Was it difficult to imagine that scenario? How did you generate the realistic details?

It's always hard to imagine a scenario where a family is dealing with intense grief, because naturally, you can't help but think of your own family going through that sort of hell. When researching the book, I spoke to children who had cancer, as well as their parents -- to better capture what it my sister s keeper like to live day by day, and maintain a positive attitude in spite of the overwhelming specter of what might be just around the corner.

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To a lesser extent, I also drew on my own experience, as a parent with a child who faced a series of surgeries: He had ten surgeries in three years, and he's tumor free now. Clearly, I wasn't facing the same urgent fears that the mom of a cancer patient faces… but it's not hard to remember how trying those hospitalizations were.

Every single time I walked beside his gurney into the OR, where I would stay with him while he was anesthetized, I'd think, "Okay, just take my ear; if that keeps him from my sister s keeper through this again.