Wikinews interviewed author Nancy Many about her book My Billion Year Contract, and asked her about life working in the elite Scientology. Read "My Billion Year Contract Memoir of a Former Scientologist" by Nancy Many with Rakuten Kobo. To a young, teenage girl, Scientology. Nancy Many appeared on a KNOP radio show today from Washington state to promote her new book, My Billion Year Contract. She talks about.


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Kent argues that at least part of the reason for the establishment of the Sea Org was that the Church of Scientology's practices encountered resistance from the American Food and Drug Administration and the IRS, and from the governments of Australia, the United Kingdom, and Rhodesia.

Sailing on the high seas meant the church could escape their attention. While on the EPF, recruits perform five hours of manual labor every day, in addition to a five-hour study period that consists of studying several Scientology courses, including the Basic Study Manual, an introductory course in study techIntroduction to Scientology Ethics, a basic course in Scientology ethicsas well as courses concerning the history of the Sea Org and personal hygiene and grooming.

A recruit graduates the EPF as soon as all the required courses have been completed and upon successfully undergoing a mandatory security check, they are then allowed to join the Sea Org as full my billion year contract. Members formally reaffirm their acceptance of this code annually on August 12, the day when the organization was founded.

OT VIIIthe highest auditing level my billion year contract Scientology currently available, is exclusive to the Freewinds and can only be undertaken there.

My Billion Year Contract: Memoir of a Former Scientologist - Nancy Many - Google книги

The ship also hosts various courses, seminars, conventions and events throughout the year, including the annual Maiden Voyage celebration. After signing, members report to the Estates Project Force, the Sea Org's induction program; Melton writes that members may take several years between signing the commitment and attending the my billion year contract.

Once induction is completed, the final decision to join is made. Although the bill is not legally enforceable, these Scientologists may not receive services at any Scientology organization until they pay the bill my billion year contract perform an ethics course.

Ron Hubbard] himself wrote to me that he wished he had never gone the "Church" route at all, it made me happy and erased the tension of the Cognitive Dissonance.


Why were the prices so high? If we were supposed to Clear the Planet, and help make the world a better place, then why did we charge so much?

my billion year contract Very few people could afford that level of money and still survive and raise a family. WN In the book you write, "I have studied the research done on the power that groups can hold over individuals and the mindsets and peer pressures that got me to that place.

What types of resources did you use for this study?

Can you recommend any references for others wishing to learn about this topic? As I write in my Preface the book my billion year contract written almost two years ago, but the fear of publishing books on the subject of Scientology, got it no where in the area of publishing, Scientology is too frightening and scares even large publishing houses.

My Billion Year Contract

I even got turned away by a "Print on Demand" — where I pay for it myself. They were just to frightened of repercussions on them as a company and on the staff as individuals.


My billion year contract one night, an old friend who had been in Scientology for 36 years and had reached the my billion year contract most level in Scientology Operating Thetan Level 8 arrived at my door suicidal.

I knew I had to do more. So I took my book off the shelf and my husband and I started our own publishing company. WN Did you fear publicizing your experiences could subject you and your family to the Scientology practice of " Fair Game "?

My Billion Year Contract by Nancy Many

In my particular case they had already interrogated me to the point of psychotic meltdown, and there wasn't much more they could do to me. But as long as I am truthful and don't make things worse than they were, nor better than they were, this is America, land of Free Speech.

While working to get the book out my billion year contract those two months I came to learn of 3 more deaths of people who experienced mental breakdowns while under the care of Scientologist, it only spurred me on.