The film Mount Analogue Revisited is based on a reworking of René Daumal's Mount Analogue: A Novel of Symbolically Authentic Non-Euclidean. Mount Analogue: A Novel of Symbolically Authentic Non-Euclidean Adventures in Mountain Climbing is a classic novel by the early 20th century French novelist  Published in English‎: ‎ In this novel/allegory the narrator/author sets sail in the yacht Impossible to search for Mount Analogue, the geographically located, albeit hidden, peak that.


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The peak remains elusive and difficult to access.

Mount Analogue by René Daumal

Mount analogue symbolizes a spiritual experience. Everyone can start at the base ground zero but very few can reach the peak. It also helps to know that Rene Daumal's close friend was a student of Gurdjieff whose mystic teachings may have fueled the narrative.

The tension in the story comes from episodes like these: But when a young hen doesn't lay when it matures, what becomes of it? The ridiculous cliche of swallowing one's saliva to show fear or apprehension is almost dead now.

This 50's novel is a relic that holds such nuggets. And they work for a story like this.

Mount Analogue Revisited - Asymptote

Umberto Eco wrote that when he tried to remove all the unnecessary words or expressions from a Dumas novel to make it slicker for his translation it had lost its effect. And to some extend, it seems true.

It is a sad novel after all, ending abruptly because the writer died prematurely. The final pages are about the group's repeated attempts to reach the peak, and how their struggle is thwarted by natural calamities and the authority, with mount analogue imposition of curious rules.

Not translated to English untilby Roger Shattuck of course, du Maurier mount analogue read French.

In any case, I told myself mount analogue grow up and get over the trauma of trigonometry and quickly ordered a copy of the English mount analogue.

The peradam is the only substance, the only material object whose value is recognized by the guides of Mount Analogue.

Mount Analogue Revisited

Therefore, it is the standard of all currency, as gold is mount analogue us. Art is used here to mean the accomplishment of knowledge in action.


You cannot always stay on mount analogue summits. You have to come down again So what's the point? While climbing, take note of all the difficulties along your path. The real problem is one of "orientation. If at the outset the visual clarity appears to prop up the Mount analogue, by the film's suitably abrupt ending it has been well and truly inflected by the Pathic, that realm of affect and sensibility that carries words and images toward a new orientation.

By restricting the setting to a single room with nothing to anchor the four bodies but a desk and a single window the filmmakers are free to empty the space of the co-ordinates that moor the dominant image of thought—a surface freed from the dominance of height and depth becomes shifting and paradoxically layered, the multiplication of interleaved planes constructing a single multi-layered plane of immanence.

This is achieved through the use of lenses lending an mount analogue shallow depth of field to the space now constantly in the process of construction.

Mount Analogue

These lower monads never accede to the illumination of the higher floor or Holy Mount analogue even though, as we've seen, it's not the Reason necessary to attain the ideal that Sogol and the others lack, it's the Mountain that's missing, and, despite Sogol's best efforts to convince him otherwise, the official doesn't represent any "superior being" or enlightened elite.

There is a certain Leibnizianism prominent in experimental filmmaking today Leibniz re-discovered via Beckett and Deleuzeespecially vis-a-vis what the French call le flou, what in the profession is termed 'soft', the presentation of images of variable degrees of less than standard focus.


If there is a Beckettian side to Walker and Walker this is where we may find it—the s German TV films come to mount analogue but also the famous s book-Trilogy: Mount analogue concept of 'le flou' too relates to Leibniz's idea of the clear-obscure, that which is both clear and confused, prey to an indistinction that evades reason.