PH meter Mettler S benchtop, 5 calibration points, no probe included, PC connectivity. Meets the requirements for a universal, easy-to-operate pH/Ion meter. Mettler Toledo™ S SevenCompact™ pH/Ion Meter with Micro Kit features innovative. SBasic includes instrument, electrode holder, protective cover, operating instructions, quick guide, declaration of conformity, and test certificate.


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The USB connection mettler s220 fully plug an play which allows for immediate use of the tool after connection.


IP54 water mettler s220 dust resistance for a long lasting investment SevenCompacts robust design and high quality materials make it a durable instrument on your bench. To maximize their lifetime, the instruments have been designed to withstand dust and spills of aqueous solutions according to IP Not only does this provide perfect protection, but it also allows for mettler s220 cleaning with a damp cloth.

PH/Ion meter SevenCompact™ S220

Protection for the connectors - For extra protection rubber caps cover the connectors, which are the most vulnerable points of the instrument, keeping water and dust out. The caps are connected on one side of the housing, so there is no risk of losing them.

Transparent cover as an extra barrier - The protective cover is part of the standard delivery and can be left on the instrument during operation without affecting the key press functionalities.

It also provides an extra barrier when the meter is not in use Flexible and customized mettler s220 - Comprehensive service and after sales support, guarantee smooth operation years after initial certified installation. The service ranges from preventive maintenance, on site repair if needed or a support center that answers your question around your equipment.

Our focus is ease of use, ensuring that daily operation, and installation of sensors and peripherals is as easy as possible. The following section describes how to proceed with the different configurations.

Data transfer from the meter to a printer Connect the RS cable to the meter and the corresponding interface on the backside of the print e r. Start transfer in the data menu. Temperature Compensation Select the item and Transfer in the data menu to start the transfer.


The icon appears on the display. The data will be in text extension.

The instrument will create a new folder on the USB- mettler s220 in which the name is the date in the international format, i. The data will be written as a text file with a name that consists of the time in 24h format hr min sec with a prefix depending on what kind mettler s220 data is exported.


This prefix is M mettler s220 measurement data and C for mettler s220 data. If a temperature probe is used, ATC and the sample temperature are displayed.

If no temperature sensor is used, MTC is dis p layed and the sample temperature should be entered manually. Enter Sample ID 1. Select Sample ID 2. Time and Date 3.

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Delete Sample ID 3. Enter User ID 5. Select User ID 6. Delete User ID 3. Mettler s220 Before Measurement 2. Export Settings to USB-stick 2. Stir During Measurement 3. Stirrer Voltage Settings 4.

Mettler Toledo SevenCompact S220 Operating Instructions Manual

Data Transfer Settings 1. Stirrer A maximum of 10 user IDs are stored in memory and listed for selection. If mettler s220 maximum of 10 has already been entered, a user ID can either be deleted manually or the oldest ID will be auto- mat i c al l y overwritten by the new ID.