In India, if you happen to do an internship or a job that roughly pays around 15 lakh; you'll still take five years to recover the money spent on your education. Management education in India has come a very long way in the last two decades. From a handful of B-schools such as IIMs that were popular nationally to the. Top MBA colleges in India - Careers brings list of best MBA colleges ranking in India based on Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal.


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We have given considerable thought to business education drawing on our wide experiences from people who have served at the highest levels in India and abroad.

There are several key facets we concentrate on. We make sure that students are well versed in English.

Students are required to attend English classes, labs, give presentation in front of live audience. Small groups of students are formed where they practice their language skills in addition to working on their specified subject areas.


The students are encouraged to organize the monthly speaker series where the students invite qualified speakers from industry, and organize the entire program.

This will train them to operate in the real world at a mba education in india position. They are encouraged to learn a foreign language.

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We offer numerous specializations that are pertinent to mba education in india business world. It will not be the traditional functional areas of business but concentrate on learning how the business world sees the areas and how managers can comprehend them to work effectively and most efficiently.

So, the scope of career prospects for management mba education in india is only limited by their talent, interest and imagination. Employability Quotient Going forward, one of the most important aspects with regards to MBA education in India would be employability quotient.

Future of MBA in India | Future of Management Education in India

While many reports have come out with negative outlook with regards to management education and the employability quotient of MBA graduates walking out of the B-schools. To an extent, these studies have presented a skewed perception of employability which leads to such ambivalent conclusions.

As per the general definition, employability is the ability to perform a job, a set of tasks related to that job or a set of mba education in india, at an acceptable level of productivity set by an employer. Shutterstock Due to the economic liberalisation in the mba education in indiathe private sector unshackled which led to an increased demand for MBAs.

This is what is wrong with MBA programmes in India, and here’s how to fix it

Companies were willing to pay the top dollar to this new breed of executives mba education in india were seen as wonder kids capable of putting family-held, traditional businesses on fast track. Hence, MBA became a success mantra and management became the most sought-offer career for graduates.

MBA symbolised status and money.


Even those who managed to get into B- or C-grade business schools could rest assured that they had made it in life. Unfortunately today, the degree is gradually losing its prestige.


As per research, around 2, 00, students graduated from 5, management institutes in the year Apply for fellowships programmes: Fellowship Programmes help you understand the realities of our country. It makes you feel mba education in india connected to the rural and urban India and no better feeling than doing something to make it better, right?

It will give you an experience of a lifetime.

They are specifically structured to provide work experiences, you will take on a great deal of responsibility very quickly.

Learn a new language: Learning a new language is not only exciting but extremely mba education in india.