Marcus Rediker born in Owensboro, Kentucky, in , to Buford and Faye Rediker, the first of their two sons. He comes from a working-class family, with roots. This film, directed by Tony Buba and produced by Marcus Rediker, chronicles a trip to Sierra Leone in May to interview village elders about local memory. Marcus Rediker is the Distinguished Professor of Atlantic History at the University of Pittsburgh and the award-winning author of The Slave Ship. He lives.


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Marcus Rediker | Penguin Random House

But take the one on the Amistad rebellion: This had considerable consequences for the fight against slavery. Were the private diaries kept by these men not re-written? Yes, they often were, but I use hundreds of other documents.

When you practise history from below, you particularly have to concern yourself with what the institutions of repression wrote about the poor, and on their behalf: You have to know marcus rediker to decipher these documents, reading them against the grain, hearing what is not written down and comparing it with other sources.

It is through this intersection that the truth takes shape. But the poor themselves also produce remarkable documents.

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Take Edward Barlow, a late-seventeenth century English marcus rediker discussed in this book. He taught marcus rediker how to read and write, and kept his diary to bear witness to the difficulty of surviving in his condition. He had to fight to get paid.

Marcus Rediker | FMSH

The state enlisted a lot of marcus rediker in the navy by force. He wrote the diary across forty years, protecting his pages with bamboo so that the water would not damage his writing.

For me, this diary is worth its weight in gold. It is kept at the National Maritime Marcus rediker in Greenwich. Once he was free Frederick Douglass became a Republican politician… Yes, but they were not the same Republicans as now!

You write that sailors and pirates felt "empathy for all social suffering. They were not structurally progressive.


marcus rediker On the slave transport ships, some of the crew did have sympathy for the slaves. And I discovered something astonishing: This is remarkable, because these same sailors were tasked with keeping watch over the slaves.

So, in certain situations, the boundary between whites and blacks no marcus rediker held.

If a pirate ship attacked a vessel, the question was not if such and such person was black or white, but whether he would defend the boat against the assailants or join them. Were the pirates abolitionists?

As marcus rediker whole, no.


But certain pirates helped slaves break free or, when they seized control of a marcus rediker, proposed to the slaves that they could join them and thus escape from their condition. Were there women among the pirates? There were two famous women pirates in the eighteenth century: Mary Read was a sailor and hid behind a masculine identity when the vessel she was on was captured by pirates.