The mahanirvana Tantra is in the form of dialog between Lord Siva and his consort Parvati where the Mahadeva Himself explains the theory. Tantra. There are, as already stated, three classes of men – pashu, Vira, and Divya. The operation of the guna which produce these types affect. Mahanirvana Tantra. Tantra of the Great Liberation. Translated by Arthur Avalon. (Sir John Woodroffe). []. Introduction and Preface · Chapter 1 - Questions.


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So also as regards Maithunathis Tantra states that men in this Kali age are by their nature weak and disturbed by lust, and by reason of this do not recognize woman shakti to be the image of the Deity.

In the case of other shakti parakiya and sadharani it prescribes, mahanirvana tantra lieu of MaithunaMeditation by the worshipper upon the lotus feet of the Devi, together with japa of his ishtamantra. This rule, however, the Commentator says, is not of universal application.

Mahanirvana Tantra - Chapter Index

Shiva has, in this Tantraprohibited sadhana with the last tattva, with parakiya, and sadharani shakti, in the case of men of ordinary weak intellect ruled by lust; but mahanirvana tantra those mahanirvana tantra have by sadhana conquered their passions and attained the state of a true vira, or siddha, there is no prohibition as to the mode of latasadhana.

This Tantra appears to be, in fact, a protest against the misuse of the tattva, which had followed upon a relaxation of the original rules and conditions governing them.


Without the panchatattva in one form or another, the shaktipuja cannot be performed. The Mother of the Universe must be worshipped with these elements. By their use the universe jagatbrahmanda itself is used as the article of worship. Wine signifies the power shakti which produces all fiery elements; meat and fish all terrestrial and aquatic animals; mudra all vegetable life; and Maithuna the will ichchha action kriya and knowledge jnana shakti of the Supreme Prakriti productive of that great pleasure which accompanies the process of creation.

To the Mother is thus offered the restless life of Her universe. The object of all sadhana is the stimulation of the sattvaguna. When by such sadhana this guna largely preponderates, the sattvika sadhana suitable for men of a high type of divyabhava is adopted.

In this latter sadhana the names of the panchatattva are used symbolically for operations of a purely mental and spiritual character.

Thus, the Kaivalya says that "wine" is that intoxicating knowledge acquired by Yoga of the Parabrahman, which renders the worshipper senseless as regards the external world. Meat mangsa is not any fleshly thing, but the act whereby the sadhaka consigns all his acts to Me Mam.

Matsya fish is that sattvika knowledge by which through the sense of "mineness" the worshipper sympathizes with the pleasure and pain of all beings.

Mudra is the act of relinquishing all association with evil which results in bondage, and Maithuna is the union of the Shakti Kundalini with Shiva in the body of the worshipper. This, the Yogini Tantra says, is the best of all unions for those who have already controlled their passions yati.

According to mahanirvana tantra Agamasara, wine is the somadhara, or lunar ambrosia, which drops from the brahmarandhra; Mangsa meat is the tongue maof which its part angsha is speech.

The sadhaka, in "eating" it, controls his speech. Matsya fish are those two which are constantly moving in the two rivers Ida and Pingala.

Hindu Scriptures and Important Texts

He who controls his breath by pranayama q. Mudra is the awakening of knowledge in the pericarp of the great sahasrara Lotus, where the Atma, like mercury, resplendent as ten million suns, and deliciously cool as ten million moons, is united with the Devi Kundalini.

The esoteric meaning of Maithuna is thus stated by the Agama: The ruddy-hued letter Ra is in the Kunda, and the letter Ma, mahanirvana tantra the shape of vindu, is in the mahayoni.


There are many misgivings mahanirvana tantra the Tantras because they allow a wider freedom to the practitioners in seeking self realization, including the use of questionable means and substances. Jayaram V To the Tantra we must therefore look if we would understand aright both ritual, yoga, and sadhana of all kinds, as also the general principles of which these practices are but the objective expression.


The third tattva is three mahanirvana tantra of fish, ranked in superiority and quality due to their bones. Mahanirvana tantra with the most amount of bones, considered inferior, must be well fried before being offered to the Devi.

Full text of "Great Liberation Mahanirvana Tantra John Woodroffe "

Parched food is the fourth tattva and contains three categories. Superior food is white rice, barley and mahanirvana tantra all fried in butter, the middle being a fried paddy, and the most inferior food consists of any fried grain that is not contained in the superior category Avalon 7.

Thus, making sexual union between man and women the fifth and final Pancha-tattva.