Start by marking “Magic's Pawn (Valdemar: Last Herald-Mage #1)” as Want to Read: I was really hoping to like Mercedes Lackey, but I found this book boring (to say the least). Curly Carla Celebrity Readers This is my favorite book by Mercedes g: s ‎| ‎Must include: ‎s. Magic's Pawn is a fantasy novel by Mercedes Lackey. The first of The Last Herald Mage trilogy, the book centers around a powerful Herald-Mage named  Series‎: ‎The Last Herald Mage. Read or Download Now ?book=Read Magic s Pawn (The Last Herald-Mage Series, Book 1) Books.


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Vanyel distrusts Tylendel at first, but he eventually breaks down and opens up to Tylendel.

Magic's Pawn by Mercedes Lackey |

When that happens, Vanyel also finds the courage to confess that he also has a crush on Tylendel. Tylendel, who is openly gay, also magic s pawn a crush on Vanyel.

They keep their romance a secret from everyone except Savil, which would have been hard to do magic s pawn any case, since they all live together.

Savil agrees to keep quiet, and even starts to warm to Vanyel, since he's starting to drop the whole since-they-don't-like-me-I-don't-like-them-either attitude. To make an already magic s pawn summary less long, by the end of the book Vanyel has been Chosen, to everyone's everlasting shock.

He has the most powerful mage gift of anyone, ever. In addition he also has nearly every other Gift--mind speech, Empathy, fetching. The reason he suddenly got these powers is complicated and full of major spoilers, but suffice it to say that this book is full of Angst.

First, some technical critiques: Typos abound, not to mention there's one or two continuity problems, but they're pretty minor. Also, the dialogue can be a little awkward in places, but again, just a few, so I can overlook that.

The whole tolerance theme gets shoved in your face a lot. But that was necessary, I think, considering her target audience, young adults.

Now, she may brag that she has fans of all ages and backgrounds, but even if she didn't start out to write YA novels that's what she ended up doing magic s pawn my opinion. Subtlety really doesn't have a place in YA, because none of us were particularly astute when we were thirteen and up.

Magic's Pawn - Wikipedia

So I can forgive the book for getting a little preachy. A lot of people say they couldn't handle this book because Vanyel was just so damn whiny. Well, he is, actually, I can't refute that, except to say he's a teenager.

I didn't notice that when I first read it, and I got upset to hear people say that, because to me, Magic s pawn wasn't whiny, he was just stating facts!


magic s pawn I believed that, because I thought my life sucked sometimes, too. One thing about Misty, she can create believable characters who are easy to relate to.

[PDF] Magic s Pawn Popular Colection

If Vanyel had been any less fleshed out, any less compelling, then when she sprung the whole "he's gay" surprise on her readers, then I would have magic s pawn disgusted and stopped reading.

But even though I was cringing in the back of my mind and thinking, ew, he's gay? Why did she go and ruin the book that way for? A small number of Heralds have mage capabilities and magic s pawn called Herald-Mages.

He isn't really interested in the estate or the running of it, and chafes with resentment at the exacting standards set by his father, Lord Withen. Withen is dissatisfied with his son's talents, character and what he believes is a deliberate refusal to "be a 'proper' " man.

Bored and disinterested with his role as heir, Vanyel instead devotes himself to music and fashion, taking especial pride in his elegant appearance.

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Eager to keep his magic s pawn off his back, Vanyel applies himself to arms training and sword fighting. When he develops a style of fighting that suits his size and abilities, Withen's master-at-arms is enraged and deliberately sets out to injure him.


Vanyel suffers a vicious beating and a broken arm, but Withen takes his armsmaster's side and sends Magic s pawn away to be fostered by his Aunt Savil.