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The two sides agree to facilitate and further encourage region to region relations. The two sides welcome the signature of a friendship and cooperation agreement lich cong giao 2016 Ho Chi Minh City and the City of Turin and agree to facilitate and further encourage region to region and cities to cities relations.

Global and regional issues The parties welcome the mutual support agreement reached on their respective candidatures to the United Nations Security Council.

They therefore will continue to support each other in international fora and to explore possibilities of further mutual support agreements concerning their participation to multilateral institutions.

With the objective of promotion cooperation in global and regional issues in the framework of international fora, the Parties commit to increase exchange of information, mutual cooperation and support on issues of mutual interest, especially with regard to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and UN reforms, the post Development Agenda, peace and security, energy security, maritime security, climate change, environmental protection, sustainable development, food security, water resources management, connectivity, infrastructure, human resources and youth labour development.

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They also acknowledge their cooperation in the context of the two Fora including mutual co-sponsorships of initiatives and seminars. Economic Cooperation The Parties reaffirm their commitment to expand and support bilateral trade and investments on the basis of equality, transparency, non-discrimination and mutual benefit through close cooperation, talking into account the differences between the two Countries, in order to tap the full potential lich cong giao 2016 their mutual relations.


They encourage efforts to enhance the bilateral trade relations through various means aiming at mutual benefits for both Parties. In this regard, the Parties reaffirm the importance of the forthcoming implementation of the Free Trade Agreement between the European Union and Viet Nam as a key instrument to lich cong giao 2016 deepen bilateral Strategic partnership between Viet Nam and Italy.

The Parties cooperate for and early recognition of the market economy status for Viet Nam by the EU, according to the 5 criteria set by the EU. The Parties will strive to lich cong giao 2016 and facilitate economic cooperation, trade and investment, by committing to: In this regard the Italian Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports in considering a visit to Viet Nam tentatively in the upcoming months; - Strengthen cooperation in the fields of maritime transportation infrastructure, through the organization of meetings and conferences; - Support proposals and contributions for projects in the architectonic and urban planning fields in Viet Nam; - Promote the intensification of the cooperation in the production and supply of material and spare parts in sectors concerning mechanical engineering, automobile, electricity, textile and leather shoes; - Italy and Viet Nam encourage the cooperation between Italian and Vietnamese companies, aimed at improving the quality of human resources and providing technology transfer; - Promote cooperation in the energy sector in Viet Nam, with specific regard to hydropower, thermoelectric, wind-powered and solar-powered plants, as well as to distribution and transmission.

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Particular attention will be given as well to renewable energy and energy efficiency, with the possible contribution of Italian techniques, expertise and equipment, and to the safety and commissioning for future nuclear power plants.

The priority sectors include textiles, footwear, machinery, wood processing, furniture and agro-food. Special attention will be paid to supporting industries in Viet Nam Further instruments are detailed in the development cooperation section; - The implementation of the Agreement on cooperation in the tourism sector signed inwith specific regard to the support of respective destinations and products and to exchange of information lich cong giao 2016 assistance regarding management, training, marketing, strategies, conservation and restoration of archaeological sites.

Development Cooperation The Parties commit to lich cong giao 2016 the ongoing activities agreed upon in the bilateral Development Cooperation Agreement forand express their wish to a smooth implementation of the Debt Swap Agreement, after the recent finalization of the related technical agreement.

Over the periodItalian development cooperation in Viet Nam will focus on three main initiatives in priority sectors, as already discussed and shared with the Vietnamese side. Namely, the initiatives include: The program would also consider the possibility of establishment training and service Centres in Viet Nam, equipped with cutting-edge Italian technologies, following the Letter of Intent signed in Rome on January 21, ; - Improving the management of water resources in the central region of Viet Nam which would capitalize on the positive achievements of two initiatives of the Italian Development Cooperation: The program envisages strengthening the capacity of public institutions and civil society.

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Bearing in mid the Executive Program for Bilateral Cooperation in the Education sector for signed in and the Executive Program for Bilateral Cooperation in the cultural sector forthe Parties commit to promote activities in such areas.

The Parties welcome the contribution made by Uni-Italia office in Viet Nam for the growth of academic relations between the two Countries.

They lich cong giao 2016 welcome the increasing number of Vietnamese students in Italy and agreements between universities and encourage Uni-Italia to continue its activities, in accordance with Vietnamese laws.

The Parties express the wish to improve dialogue opportunities between their lich cong giao 2016 authorities and associations of Principals, also through the establishment of a bilateral Conference of Rectors.

Lịch Công Giáo: lịch ngày lễ trọng, âm lịch, lời Chúa hằng ngày

The Parties agree to foster university lich cong giao 2016 with the aim of supporting business partnership between Italian and Vietnamese SMEs with highly specialized human resources, particularly in the following areas: The Parties acknowledge the projects for the lich cong giao 2016 of a Footwear Technological.

The two sides also welcome the signature of MoUs among Italian universities, Vietnamese universities and Italian companies operating in Viet Nam in the field of engineering education and research.

Each initiative will take place in full compliance with Vietnamese relevant regulations. Viet Nam commits to supports the activities of Casa Italia under the technical, legal and administrative point of view.

The Parties, with the aim of strengthening and facilitating bilateral Cooperation in this field, commit to: Structured as a dialogue between a Christian priest and a Confucian scholar, this anonymously authored manuscript paints a rich picture of the three traditional Vietnamese religions: Confucianism, Buddhism, and Daoism.