Kop-Flex KD 2 LS FB KD2 Disc Coupling, 1/ Kop-Flex 2 1/2H EB FF H Full Flex Gear Coupling, Kop-Flex 2W SB FF FB Waldron® Full Flex Gear. KOPFLEX. LOVEJOY/SIER BATH. American Gear Coupling Manufacturer's Kop-Flex. “Fast” Design. th retention. Straight. Cut. Gear. KOP-FLEX introduced the FAST'S® Gear Coupling in More recent design advances include non-lubricated couplings, coupling-torquemeter systems, and.


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How to Achieve Gear Coupling Reliability

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We use cookies to: A completely flexible coupling comprises two hubs with kop flex gear coupling external gear and two outer sleeves with an internal gear.

Kop-Flex Series H Gear Couplings

Many coupling manufacturers supply their own lubricants for their couplings. Gear couplings may either be grease- or oil-lubricated depending on the design.

Oil-lubricated couplings will not dry out like grease couplings, while Fast-style couplings have smaller bore capacities. It is fair to say that most gear couplings are grease-lubricated. Coupling greases have special properties, so general-purpose greases should never be kop flex gear coupling in gear coupling applications.

Kop-Flex Standard Gear Couplings

Gear couplings can be subjected to kop flex gear coupling high centrifugal forces, and oil separation is a critical kop flex gear coupling of coupling greases.

Since greases are comprised of oil and mostly a thickener, special considerations must be made regarding the selection and application of coupling greases.

Soap thickeners typically are heavier than the oils, so centrifugal forces tend to deposit the thickener at the gear teeth. Generally, a grease with a high oil content of high-viscosity oil and a grade 1 rating from the National Lubricating Grease Institute NLGI is preferred.

KOP-FLEX Series H Gear Couplings - Chainex Pages 1 - 20 - Text Version | AnyFlip

A higher consistency grease may be considered for high-speed applications but should be avoided at low-speed applications. Grease specifications may include speed limits or certain tests such as the K36 separation factor. Any grease will have oil separation based on time, temperature and centrifugal force.

Kop flex gear coupling K36 factor determines the maximum oil separation of the grease while running at 36, Gs. Higher oil separation is desirable at lower speeds lower G forceswhile lower oil separation is preferred at higher speeds kop flex gear coupling higher temperatures.

High-vibration equipment can also enhance oil separation and induce failures.

Studies have even shown that gear coupling wear rates decrease as kop flex gear coupling speeds increase. The main function of a lubricant in a gear coupling is to reduce the friction between the gear teeth as they slide against each other.

Former Kop-Flex, Inc.

Kop-Flex also offers a range of lubrication products for couplings and spindles that are designed to endure the centrifugal separation caused by a spinning coupling. All Kop-flex greases are lead free as well.


To best describe the advantages of retrofitting, consider that there are basically two types of flexible couplings; sliding and deforming. Sliding couplings are gear tooth and grid types while disc and diaphragm are examples of those that accommodate misalignment by deforming a flexible element.

Kop Flex disc coupling Sliding couplings wear, require lubrication and therefore maintenance but there are many other advantages to consider when retrofitting. However, an improperly applied coupling can create many serious problems if consideration is not kop flex gear coupling to the design differences.