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After You by Jojo Moyes - Reading Guide -

Lily, Will's daughter gets in contact with her and she wants to know everything about her deceased father, who she didn't know existed until he passed away. Lily wants to get to know her grandparents, so she moves in with Louisa.

She hates living with her mother, stepfather, jojo moyes after you her half-brothers. Meanwhile, Louisa gets to know Sam, the father of one of the boys in her moving on circle. Sam is also one of the ambulance drivers that helped save her life. jojo moyes after you

There are lots of jojo moyes after you people to meet as well, and although I guessed one of the twists in the story, the characters were still interesting enough that I didn't mind. I found myself once again routing for Lou - she's so very normal and natural, and somehow she feels like an old friend.


Although her difficulties through the book, and those of the others characters too, are sometimes hard to read it is, again, jojo moyes after you very compelling story and although it's a large book I raced through it, eager to see what happened. The introduction of a new teenage character, who Lou ends up looking after, was an interesting plot idea and worked very well in the story.

The growing relationship they have is well written, and the teenager is very realistic! I felt the teen's story was an important one too, though the way it's resolved didn't, in my opinion, reflect real-life situations very well.

My real issue with the story was, once again, the ending. I felt that the first jojo moyes after you ended in the wrong way, and this time, again, I really wasn't happy with how things are left.

It felt a little like we were being set-up for a third book, but I was ultimately dissatisfied with where Lou was in her life, and what was happening next.


I felt that the ways in which Lou had grown and developed as a person in the first book were lost and disregarded, and although it was, perhaps, understandable, it still left me wondering what the point of the first book had been if this was where Lou had ended up.

Emotionally charged and devastatingly romantic, After You explores the ways we can rebuild ourselves after unthinkable loss. Jojo Moyes once again dazzles with her trademark storytelling, humor, and insight into the way we heal jojo moyes after you move on.

Questions and Topics for Discussion 1.

After You by Jojo Moyes - book review

What other function does this particular job play in the book and how does it serve the story? How would you describe her mental state and her role in the fall?

Is she responsible, and why or why not? What is holding her back and what ultimately allows her to make changes? What keeps her from jojo moyes after you intimate with him?