After returning from duty, he took over and rebuilt Private, the agency founded by his father, Tom. Jack restored the first-class reputation Private lost after Tom's Incarceration and death, . See the entire checklist of books by A–Z | Series. Find the complete Private book series listed in order. Great deals on #1. Private - Book #1 of the Private book series · Private. James Patterson. From $ #2. Complete order of Private/Jack Morgan books in Publication Order and Chronological Order. James Patterson was born on the 22nd of March He is an.


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Approximately his books have sold more than copies.

Apart from that, he also appeared on james patterson private series Simpson and on several episodes james patterson private series the Castle where he used his real names.

Many at times, he has said collaborating with other authors usually brings interesting and new ideas to many of his stories. In the year,Patterson agreed to sign a deal where he could co-write and write more than 11 books to the adult audience and 6 for the young audience.

Forbes magazine reported that the deal is worth more than million dollars but Patterson came forth to say that the deal was inaccurate.

Jack is a reincarnated Private of an investigation firm that was started by his own father.

Private (novel) - Wikipedia

Shortly before his death at james patterson private series local area prison, he provided all the necessary resources that Jack needed to build the firm into a much bigger and outstanding company that has branches all over the world. In this book, Jack Morgan decides to place his focus on several cases.


There is an organised crime behind the scandal. The following case entails the tracking down of criminals who were involved in the james patterson private series of eighteen school girls.

The local area police have no leads or means with which they can be able to identify the individuals involved or the killers. In the midst of all these cases, it is only one case that lands Jacks brother in serious trouble, the gambling trouble. All in all, apart from Jack, there are also other characters who are found in james patterson private series Private novels.

James Patterson Private Series Chronological Order

The setting of the novel begins in a war environment. Missiles are flying in the area while Jack is out to save his war partner.


From there on the setting changes to the present day. James patterson private series one suspect It is the second novel in the Jack Morgan series. Like the first book, this series has numerous plots. The main plot involves Jack Morgan, running the Private Investigation firm that was started by his father.

After he comes back from a trip.

James Patterson bibliography

Morgan finds his former girlfriend murdered in his own bed. Immediately he becomes the number one suspect in the murder hence he has to clear himself even if it means going to a lengthy court trial. Additionally, Morgan also does owe a mobster james patterson private series favour.

This novel has so far received three professional reviews.

Private/Jack Morgan - Book Series In Order

One of them is a positive review while the others are unfavorable. Joe Hartlaub from book keeper gave the book a very positive review. The review claimed that the book was exceedingly boring and is among one the few frustrating adventures. James patterson private series, another review appeared on the Publishers Weekly.

All in all, number one is an excellent example of thriller whodunnit novel, whose thrilling events and incredible pace will unquestionably be enjoyed by the fans. Once a world-ranked james patterson private series, he stepped out of the ring and became a police officer.

Private Series

Eventually he left the force and worked as a private investigator for the District Attorney's office before joining Private.

He has a bulldog-like tenacity when it comes to getting the truth, and long hair that he usually keeps in a ponytail.

Seymour Kloppenberg, aka "Dr. Chief Criminologist Seymour, also known as "Dr.