FICTION Bryce Courtenay Viking, $ You'd have to be a moron in a hurry not to know this is Bryce Courtenay's final work, completed as he. AFTER being delayed because of his battle with stomach cancer, Bryce Courtenay's 21st book, on sale today, bids farewell to fans. Set across three continents, Jack of Diamonds is a spellbinding story of chance, music.


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His adventuring takes him to the far reaches of Africa, to a rare and valuable bird that may seal his fate — and to the love of a very different woman.


This is no literary triumph, but it offers, as Courtenay has done since his memorable debut with The Power of One, terrific amusement.

Cabbagetown, where jack of diamonds bryce courtenay story begins, was a place of extreme poverty in the s, with domestic violence common. Yet young Jack's musical talents - and the fortuitous arrival on the scene of generous benefactors - enable him to rise above his humble beginnings and the fact he is ''different and a loner''.

Jack of diamonds bryce courtenay leaves Toronto and his journey takes him to Moose Jaw, England, Dieppe where, like some latter day Forrest Gump, he ends up being one of the few survivors of the massacre on the beachLas Vegas — even the Belgian Congo.

Two threads take him through this, though: Courtney obviously has fun coming up with the characters that populate his books: And Courtenay knows how to keep the pages turning.

Jack of Diamonds

There's been reports of confusion over some of Courtenay's other claims too: Courtenay has, in the past, conceded to embellishing the truth and acknowledged that he jack of diamonds bryce courtenay get carried away but he insists he has never meant to mislead anyone. Sessions says Courtenay is 'a show man, an actor'.

Bryce's memories are his memories. Because of Courtenay's health, Sessions flew from Victoria to Adelaide last week to receive the first copy of Jack of Diamonds off the press.

He then flew to Canberra to deliver the hardback to Courtenay personally.

Jack of Diamonds (novel) - Wikipedia

In the past, however, Courtenay has staged much grander events for his new books. But now that Jack of Diamonds has been released, Australia's favourite author intends to live out his final days peacefully at his Canberra home with his wife Christine, who he married last year.

He and Benita divorced in Jack of diamonds bryce courtenay the storyline draws me in, and I feel as though I get to know the character's well, and find myself wishing that the story won't end-- then I'm happy.

That's why I like Bryce Courtenay's books. Add to the mix that Humphrey Bower is the narrator, I've listened to the majority of his books.

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I kn When I read in my case, listen to a book, I want a story. I knew that this was Mr Courtenay's last novel, before his death.

The reviews are all over the place, and that's why I hesitated listening to this story.