Big Sur has ratings and reviews. Joshua said: Kerouac is a paradox. He's simultaneously over-rated and under-rated. His worst books (particula. About Big Sur. A poignant masterpiece of wrenching personal expression from the author of On the Road and The Dharma Bums In this novel, Kerouac's. Big Sur / Jack Kerouac [Jack Kerouac] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.


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Duluoz is unable to cope with a suddenly demanding public, and is battling advanced alcoholism.

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He seeks respite first in solitude in the Big Sur cabin, then in a relationship with Billie, the mistress of his longtime friend Cody Pomeray Neal Cassady. But that too is a case of "twas ever thus, science and jack kerouac big sur have only made it worse.

A Turn in the Road for the King of the Beats

What I am trying to say is that the man could write and write well when he put his mind to it. One of the most important things a writer can do, besides jack kerouac big sur a story, is make a reader feel something.

The celebrity author, harassed by fans at his home, flees to the West Coast to write in a relaxing atmosphere, free of the troubles of the real world.


Lawrence Ferlinghetti lends him the Big Sur cabin in Bixby Canyon that should have been his salvation, but instead fuels an alcohol-induced breakdown. We want the romance of youth and the endless road ahead.

Jack Kerouac's novel, Big Sur, reviewed.

The scenes absolutely click for a change. Things are, in short, not as Zen as they used to be, and this is all to the good. Prose narrative can be "spontaneous" without being nonsensical.

Partly because of its coherence, the novel does become an argument at the end, and it is clearly an argument against manifestos, against doing any thing according to a program even the Beat program.

Jack kerouac big sur, the argument is advanced with Kerouac's usual superb sense of idiom and with his usual personal eccentricity.

Possibly, what distinguishes him from his imitators is just this: For the future of Kerouac, it is also happy that the hero rebounds from his crack-up at the end.