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Islam in Turkey

But personal autonomy is not prioritized. A good life is one in which one is able to enjoy all of the major human functionings, that is, to flourish.

Nussbaum's approach takes on the problem of deformed preferences see section 1.

To be sure, some may choose lives that do not include the actual exercise of some of the functionings—an ascetic may choose to compromise bodily health. But, Nussbaum explains, one must be able to function in each of these ways.

Social arrangements are to be criticized if they render their participants unable to function in the valued ways regardless of their preferences The islam liberal 101 pdf file movement should sensitize women and men to the injustice of denying women the islam liberal 101 pdf file to function in these valued ways, identify arrangements that are unjust to women by paying careful attention to diverse women's lives, and recommend remedies.

Nussbaum holds that her account is compatible with global moral pluralism and thus may function as a foundation for a global feminism Nussbaum a, Procedural accounts suggest that the women's movement should work to protect and promote women's ability to live lives of their own choosing by identifying particular autonomy deficits in women's lives and promoting the conditions that enable autonomy.

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These approaches avoid directly judging the substance of the choices women make or the arrangements that result. They leave it to individuals and groups to fashion new, diverse, non-oppressive ways of life.

Islam liberal 101 pdf file list of enabling conditions for personal autonomy is not unlike Nussbaum's list of human functionings. But advocates of procedural approaches may worry that the goal of the women's movement, according to the capabilities approach, is to bring to women a particular way of life, namely one in which women can function in these ways, instead of freeing women up to find their own way Cudd Procedural accounts of autonomy can include Nussbaum's approach, not as definitive of the kinds of lives women should live, but as an important contribution to the kind of reflection on the good life on which personal autonomy depends.


There is a large literature on Nussbaum's liberal feminism; for liberal feminist discussion, see for example Abbey —; and Robeyns There is also substantial agreement among liberal feminists concerning what the state should do. There is disagreement about some hard cases, however, that pit liberal values against one another.

Liberal feminists hold that the state must effectively protect women from violence, regardless of where that violence takes place Cudd85—, ; Rhode— They also hold that sexist paternalistic and islam liberal 101 pdf file laws are an unjust use of state power.


Such laws place control over women's lives in the hands of others and steer women into preferred ways of life. Laws restricting access to abortion are of particular import in this context because they take an extremely momentous choice away from women, and together with the cultural assignment of caregiving duties to women, steer women into the social role of mother.

Women must have islam liberal 101 pdf file legal right to abortion and meaningful access to abortion services. In addition, liberal feminists hold that the state must not grant preferential treatment to particular family forms Brake; Lloyd; McClain Some argue that this means giving gay and lesbian partnerships the same recognition currently available to heterosexuals McClain6; Hartley and Watson Others argue for removing marriage's privileged legal status altogether or treating it legally more like other associations Case ; Metz Liberals tend to reject laws prohibiting prostitution.