Orasul sufletelor pierdute, Instrumente Mortale, Vol. 5 The Mortal Instruments 6: City of Heavenly Fire Mortal Instruments 3: City of Glass, Paperback . The Mortal Instruments, the Complete Collection: City of Bones; City of Ashes; City of. Volumele 1,2,3 si 4 din seria Instrumente mortale scrisa de Cassandra Clare. Pachetul contine 6 volume din seria Instrumente mortale.: Orasul Oaselor (Instrumente Mortale, cartea 1) Orasul de Cenusa (Instrumente Mortale, cartea a.


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To protect Clary, Jocelyn changes her surname to Fray.

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Clary is described as having long, curly red hair, freckles, and bright green eyes. She is very small and short, "a little over five feet" as first described in City of Bones and often viewed as younger than her actual instrumente mortale carti. In the first book, Clary is 15 years old, approaching 16, which is the age of Isabelle Lightwood.


Clary is an artist, and in the first book, City of Bones, it is believed that she is instrumente mortale carti mundane, an ordinary human, as she first thought of herself. Instrumente mortale carti is later revealed that she is a Shadowhunter, or Nephilim: Clary is described as being stubborn and often rushes into dangerous situations without considering the consequences.


Her best friend in the series is Simon Lewis. He is in love with her but she is romantically involved with Jace who uses various surnames. Clary is devastated when she is told that Jace is her brother but later learns that this is untrue. Clary discovers she can read ancient runes that are used by angels, instrumente mortale carti she can create her own runes, an ability that was caused by the extra angel blood her father, Valentine Morgenstern, administered to her while she was in her mother's womb.

In the first few books, Clary has a tense relationship with the Lightwoods siblings.

The Mortal Instruments - Wikipedia

Alec Lightwood, Jace's parabatai or best friend, is seemingly jealous of Clary's relationship with Jace since he thinks she is occupying Jace more than she should, while Izzy Lightwood shows hostility towards Clary at the beginning since she thinks Clary is just a normal human being.

Jace Christopher Herondale also referred to as Wayland, Morgenstern, and Lightwood, known as the brother of Clarissa "Clary" Adele Fray and sometimes referred to as Jonothan in early series is described as being tall and muscular with scars across his golden skin from faded magical marks called Runes.

He has wavy blond hair and golden eyes, and, like Clary, is a Shadowhunter. Jace is among the Nephilim's best fighters, since Izzy stated that he's killed more demons than anybody his age, and readily defends his family.

Jace is often flirty and insensitive, and is described as projecting a false instrumente mortale carti due to an insecurity that he is not good enough.


Throughout the books, Jace's biological family remains instrumente mortale carti although he refers to Isabelle, Alec, and Max as his siblings, and Maryse and Robert Lightwood as his parents.

In City of Bones, he believes he is a Wayland but at the end of the book Valentine Morgenstern falsely tells him that he is Jace's father.

He goes by the surname of instrumente mortale carti adoptive family, the Lightwoods but changes it back to Herondale upon learning more about his true father.

Like Clary, he has special powers which make him swift and graceful, caused by the extra angel blood he received while in his mother's womb.

His parabatai is Alec Lightwood.

Parabatai refers to a pair of Nephilim warriors who fight together as lifelong partners; this is represented as a permanent rune that allows both individuals to be connected to each other. Simon Lewis also referred to as Lovelace is a tall, instrumente mortale carti boy with a mop of brown hair, brown eyes, and instrumente mortale carti glasses.

Instrumente Mortale

He often wears T-shirts with gamer slogans. Instrumente mortale carti City of Lost Souls, Simon describes himself as being a " hipster ," but his best friend, Clary, refers to him as a " geek ". Simon is the only character to begin life as an ordinary human called a mundanebut in City of Ashes he is transformed into a vampire.

After becoming a vampire, he never ages and physically will remain 16 years old. He instrumente mortale carti taken care of by Raphael Santiago. Valentine Morgenstern stabs Simon in the throat and slits his wrists for the one-fourth vampire blood needed to convert the Mortal Sword.

Cassandra Clare Instrumente Mortale V 1 Orasul Oaselor 1.0 09

Jace finds Simon instrumente mortale carti cuts his own wrist to let Simon drink his blood, thus resulting in Simon becoming a Daylighter. Simon is quirky and caring, often putting other people before himself.

Isabelle "Izzy" Sophia Lightwood is a sixteen years old Shadowhunter that is described as tall, thin, and beautiful.