THE SECOND BOOKE. CHAP. I. GVzman de Alfarache, leaues Siena, and goes for Flo∣rence. He meets with Sayavedra, whom he takes into his seruice. Guzmán de Alfarache [ɡuðˈman de alfaˈɾatʃe] is a picaresque novel written by Mateo Alemán and published in two parts: the first in Madrid in with the  Published in English‎: ‎ Guzmán de Alfarache, Life and Adventures of, The, by Mateo Alemán. This romance, dealing with the lives and adventures of picaros or rogues, contains more.


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Aguilera shares so much with him, as of right belonged vnto him: And he and his seruant Sayavedra goe for Genoa. Guzman de Alfarache comes to Genoa, where being knowne by his kindred, he is feasted guzman de alfarache them.

The first part was published in Madrid in and was a remarkable success. Publication of the second part followed in In this way he met a cook who persuaded guzman de alfarache to turn scullion.

One day he took a silver goblet.

His mistress, discovering the loss, gave him money to buy another like it. He continued his petty thefts until his master caught him selling provisions and cuffed him out of the house. Then he went back to carrying baskets in the market.

guzman de alfarache

Guzmán de Alfarache Summary

Among his customers was a trusting grocer who one day put into his basket more than twenty-five hundred gold reals. On guzman de alfarache way, he encountered a young man from whom he bought an outfit of clothing. Freshly attired, he lived like a young gentleman of fortune.

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He guzman de alfarache little luck in his gallantries, however, and his love intrigues always ended with his being fleeced or made ridiculous by ladies he courted. To whom all the world is their common Countrie; and who account that to be their Countrie, where they can best filch and steale.

I know not, how they vnderstand this, who doe punish them thus.


It were guzman de alfarache lesser euill of the two, to let them goe among the people with the fore-said Coller and Bell, that men might beware of them; and not to send one thus abroad, where he is vnknowne, with letters as it were of credence, to robbe all the world.

No, no, this is no good course, it is not profitable for the Common-wealth, nor is there any policie at all in it, to doe theeues so great a fauour. As to condemne them to the Gallies, guzman de alfarache confine them to some Garrison Townes, and there to serue, and to inflict other the like punishments vpon them, for longer or lesse time, according to the nature and qualitie of the offence.


And in case they shall be of an inferiour kinde, and not deseruing the weight of your heauiest sentence, I would haue them branded, as the vse is in other Countries, with a hot Iron in the shoulder, that may leaue the print of the marke behinde; whereby, vpon the second theft they be taken with, it will plainely appeare, what lewd liuers they be.

By this course they beare not only the marke about them, but the cause thereof. And I would haue this re-incidencie and relapse of theirs guzman de alfarache be seuerely punished.

But I will hold my peace, and harpe no more vpon that string. For I am a man, and may erre, and I haue beene already vnder their hands, and haue suffred too much through their false dealing, and I know not whether I may chance to come againe vnder their lash, and then they will vse their pleasure vpon me, and reuenge themselues on me without controlement: My thiefe was freed, he had confest, who were the principall Offenders, and which way they went; for which cause, as also that he had rounded the Citie on an Asse, and had beene put to open shame, he was set at libertie; guzman de alfarache me poore man in the wretched prison of guzman de alfarache Where I must now take my leaue of you, and bid you all Good night.