Francisco Goya y Lucientes Que Valor! (What Courage!) from Los Desastres de la Guerra, ca. Etching, aquatint, drypoint, burin, and burnisher, x. Goya was known to his contemporaries chiefly as a court painter but today he is best The series 'Los Desastres de la Guerra' (The Disasters of War) depicts. Los DESASTRES DE LA CUERRA. (een. Coleccion de ochenta láminas inventadas y grabadas al agua fuerte. POR. DON TRANCISCO GOYA. Publicola la R!


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Contra el bien general Against the common good. A monstrous winged devil sits goya desastres guerra a rock and writes a book, perhaps a book of fate, or a book of evil.

Goya, And there's nothing to be done (from the Disasters of War) (article) | Khan Academy

Esto es lo peor! This is the worst! A wolf writes orders on a scroll on his lap assisted by a friar. They are giving orders to a long line of suffering, poor, and hungry people. A long line of people are chasing after a gigantic bird.

Although peace was welcomed, it goya desastres guerra a political environment that was in ways more repressive than before.

Francisco de Goya Desastres de la Guerra – KW Institute for Contemporary Art

The new regime stifled the hopes of liberals such as Goya, who used the term "fatal consequences" to describe the situation in his title for the series. Will she live again? The figure is "Truth", from plate A woman is shown lying on her back, bathed in a halo of light before a gathering mob of hooded monks, while a masked figure beats the ground with a weapon.

By March, the king was forced to agree, but by Septemberafter an unstable perioda French invasion supported by an alliance of the goya desastres guerra powers had removed the constitutional government.


The last prints were probably not completed until after the Constitution was restored, though certainly before Goya left Spain in May Their balance of optimism and cynicism makes it difficult to relate them directly to particular moments in these rapidly moving events.

In plate goya desastres guerra, the wolf, representing a minister, quotes from the fable—"Miserable humanity, the fault is thine"—and signs with Casti's name.


The print "lays the blame for their rulers' barbarity on the victims' own acceptance of it". Esta no lo es menos?

This is no less curious A number of plates in this group reveal a scepticism towards idolatry goya desastres guerra religious images. There are instances in the group where early Christian iconography, in particular statues and processional images, are mocked and denigrated.

Plate 67Esta no lo es menos This is no less curiousshows two statues carried by two stooped members of clergy. One statue is recognisable as the "Virgin of Solitude".

In Goya's image, the statue is not carried vertically in processional triumph, rather it lies flat and undignified on the backs of the two almost crouched men.

Los Desastres de la Guerra - Wikipedia

Shown horizontal, the object loses its aura, and becomes a mere everyday object. Art critics Victor Stoichita and Anna Maria Coderch wrote, "It is in effect a deposed, toppled image, stripped of its powers and its connotations. The last two plates show a woman wearing a wreathintended as a personification of SpainTruth, or the Constitution of —which Ferdinand had rejected in Here, she lies in front of a peasant.

It contains a title-page inscription in Goya's hand, is signed at the page edges, and has numbers and titles to the prints written by Goya. These were copied on the plates when the published edition was prepared goya desastres guerra Numbers 81 and 82 rejoined the others in the Academy inand were not published until Yo lo vi I saw this from the published edition, with surface tone over the landscape, sky, and woman's dress.