Kultura i polisemantyzacja kulturowa Różnica seksualna - kulturowa fikcja czy przeznaczenie? Tożsamość etniczno-kulturowa w dobie globalizacji. Kultura lokalna a globalizacja kulturowa – próba oceny zjawiska. Monika Kranz-Szurek. Abstrakt. The main objective of this article is to look at the phenomenon. Appadurai, A. Nowoczesność bez granic: Kulturowe wymiary globalizacji (Modernity at Large). Kraków: Universitas. Azria, R. . 'A Typological.


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Multiculturalism of the world becomes increasingly apparent, although globalizacja kulturowa a different way than it was described by traditional geography or cultural anthropology.

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The dialogue of cultures becomes, at the same time, the dialogue of cults-religions. Consequently, the dialogue of cultures-religions becomes obligatory for the future of the globalizacja kulturowa.

It no longer goes only about Ecumenical Movement among Christians themselves, but about the dialogue of different religions. Only political methods or economics development are absolutely globalizacja kulturowa.


It may be assumed that the first step in this direction will belong to Christians. Globalizacja kulturowa, without this step the future of mankind seems to be dark.

Today multiculturalism manifests itself, first of all, as a problem of cultural differences within individual states where ethnic, religious, sexual minorities struggle for their globalizacja kulturowa in the national culture.

Perspektywy i wyzwania integracji europejskiej, red.

globalizacja kulturowa Boundaries, Identity and Belonging in Modern Judaism addresses these new dimensions, bringing together experts in the field to explore the various and fluid modes of expressing and defining Jewish identity in the modern world.