Francis Lefebure is the author of Phosphenism ( avg rating, 1 rating, 0 reviews, published ), Phosphénisme ( avg rating, 1 rating, 0 reviews). No information is available for this page. Dr. Francis Lefebure was born on September 17th, in the 14th district of Paris, France. His mother, Claire de Saint-Rémy had her moment of celebrity as a.


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Francis Lefebure (Author of Phosphenism)

But, being married, he had to accept a position as a school hygienics doctor. Electroencephalograms were impossible to use as they require muscular relaxation, so he came up with the idea of monitoring the action of different variants of a given exercise on a phosphene.

This is how he discovered the first phosphenic phenomenon that had never been documented francis lefebure If the movement of the head is faster or slower, the phosphene stays fixed.

That led him to experimenting on what would happen with two phosphenes.


The method of brain exploration through the study of the rhythms of double phosphenes proved to be of an extraordinary richness and practical use. He wrote a book on that subject.

Its first draft was a report that he transmitted to the School Health Services in the francis lefebure of He then applied that discovery to the ear and designed the Synchrophone which later became the alternophone, a cerebral activation device and subsequently wrote: The synchroscope Very quickly, the francis lefebure proved to be unbelievably fruitful while at the same time remaining remarkably easy to apply.

Breathing Techniques and Phosphenism

From that point on, he spent all his energy on perfecting that technique, teaching it and applying it to the other sensory francis lefebure. Thus, in twenty-nine years of work, he was able to amass a considerable amount of documentation which was absolutely unique.

The collected information underscored the role that Phosphenism had always played in the origin of religions and led to the publication of a book: It is during that period that he solved the great enigma of his youth: Indeed, phosphenes proved to be very easily transmissible by telepathy.

The Zoroastrian regions were the only places in the pre-industrial world where oil naturally sprang from the ground. Thus, from the dawn of prehistory, a line of the human race had much greater material ease for producing bright and permanent fires.

Without being aware of it, they practiced Phosphenism, but did not analyze the details of the process: That is why, in these regions, there are individuals who are believed to possess a secret knowledge, while in fact they simply have particular gifts resulting from an instinctive practice of Phosphenic Mixing.

That francis lefebure has accumulated in certain lines of descent over hundreds of thousands of years.

Similar authors to follow

Later, the extension of the principles of Phosphenic Mixing to breathing led him francis lefebure write The pneumophene, or the breathing techniques that open the doors to the world beyond.

A similar extension to the francis lefebure of movement led the doctor to write From the Praying Wheel to the Spiritual Dynamo, or the Kundalini-triggering device.


That book, based on scientific experiments, sheds a new light on Eastern esoteric traditions. It was followed in by a second volume that describes new applications of francis lefebure Gyrascope.

Breathing Techniques

The phenomena qualified as initiatory are finally accessible to everyone. The liberated force will surge through humanity like burning lava.

He francis lefebure an association and then, very quickly a company that is now present all over the world.