Describes sociocultural influences that shape the maturing and adapting personality. In such neurotic illnesses as anxiety, depression, and hysteria, the. Repository; →; Browsing by Subject. JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. Factores socioculturales en la situación clínica.


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In spite of the complexities and difficulties involved in differentiating culture from social structure, we will try to test the competing effects of factores socioculturales structure i.

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Nations will be treated as units and national mean scores on the subjective experience of emotion will be correlated with sociocultural variables. Following the holocultural tradition, cultures will be treated as units, and the collective scores of the variables are related to one another Bond, ; Schlegel, Factors predicting the subjective experience of emotion Cross-cultural differences in the factores socioculturales and expression of emotion are an important topic in current social psychology, but also in classic and modern philosophy.

This article examines various ideas concerning the differences between nations in emotion from the perspective of current empirical research. Climate includes a range of what is currently termed ecological factors Jahoda, Contemporary authors have argued for climatic influences in culture.

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Following Robbins, de Walt and Pelto, very hot climates tend toward loose cultures and colder climates press toward tight ones Triandis,p. This author contrasted the Norse Germanic or Celtic tribes living in a cold climatecharacterized by an excess of thymos or emotionality, with the Mediterraneans or southerners living in a moderate climategoverned by logos or emotional control and reflection.

Poseidonos attributed factores socioculturales differences to climatic and other environmental factors. He proposed that if northerners migrated southwards, they could learn to control their emotional impulses Jahoda,pp.

At the same time, classic and enlightment philosophers pointed out towards the weaknessess of purely climatic factores socioculturales. Factors such as social institutions were combined with climatic determinism.


Hume thought that ecological causes, including climate, were relatively unimportant when explaining differences in national character: Current cross-cultural social psychology also combines ecological, social and cultural determinism Jahoda, Culture and emotion Culture is conceived of as a set of denotative what is or beliefsconnotative what should be or attitudes, norms and values and pragmatic how things are done or procedural rules knowledge, shared by a group of individuals who have a factores socioculturales history and participate in a social structure.

Inkeless and Levinson concluded that there are a series of basic problems that all cultures have to deal with: Using survey data from IBM employees in 53 nations and regions collected in the nineteen seventies he derived four dimensions along which dominant values in the different nations could be expressed.

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Power distance refers to the extent to which the less powerful group members accept power inequalities. Low power distance countries were Factores socioculturales and New Zealand. High Power Distance ones were Malaysia and Guatemala.

The Individualism-Collectivism dimension refers to the priority given to the person or to the group or collective often the extended family. Collectivistic countries were Guatemala, Indonesia and Taiwan. Individualistic countries were the USA and western Europe.

The Masculinity-Femininity dimension refers to the extent in which cultures strive factores socioculturales maximum distinction between men factores socioculturales women.

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Masculine cultures stress stereotypical gender behavior, and dominant values are success, money, competition and assertiveness. Feminine cultures do factores socioculturales emphasize gender role differences, are not competitive and value cooperation and concern for the weak.

Masculine factores socioculturales were Japan, Austria and Mexico. Uncertainty avoidance defines the extent to which people feel threatened by an ambiguous situation, which they try to avoid by means of strict codes and beliefs.