Editorial Reviews. Review. 'Gemmell's great reading the action never lets up. He's several The First Chronicles Of Druss The Legend (Drenai) Kindle Edition. The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend is a fantasy novel by British author David Gemmell, first published in The novel is a prequel to the popular title  Series‎: ‎Drenai series. The Drenai saga is a series of Heroic Fantasy novels by David Gemmell. The series is in Anachronic Order, with successive novels moving back and forth over.


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Landscapes, people, skirmishes and tavern brawls are described so poignantly that I could almost see the scenes, smell them, touch them. Mr Gemmell is considered one of the best heroic fantasy writers, and he does deserve this title.

druss legends

Mind you, as contemporary fantasy relishes in all things grim and dark, heroic fantasy is a dying breed. Because these tales are predictable, druss legends in the times of unforeseen plot twists, who cares about happy endings?

There is certain predictability to heroism, certain fairytale-like quality, patterns of righteousness and fallbacks of evil.

And yet, even druss legends these constraints, Mr Gemmell can surprise with a swift move like the best of sword fighters. Meanwhile, Rowena has married Michanek, the leading general of the Naashanites.

The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend by David Gemmell

He is an honourable man and becomes concerned when she falls ill. He is told that she is suffering as a result of her mystical powers, and has these removed, along with her memory, in order to save her druss legends.

During a break in the war, Druss goes travelling and loses Snaga in a river. Initially thinking he is free of it, he learns from the a wandering Source priest that it has been found by a brutal warlord, Cajivak.

He and the mercenary Varsava set out to recover the axe and kill Cajivak, but Druss is captured and imprisoned in Cajivak's dungeon.

Druss the Legend series | David Gemmell Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

At first he wastes away, but with the help of a former prisoner succeeds in regaining his strength druss legends escaping, only to find that Sieben, Varsava and the archer Eskodas have mounted a rescue attempt. Druss kills Cajivak and recovers Snaga, druss legends returns to the army.

By this point in the war the Naashanites are desperate and attempt to use a demon to assassinate Gorben, but he is saved by Druss thanks to Snaga- the only weapon that seems to hurt the demon. Druss also learns that Rowena has married Michanek and that her memory has been erased.

He vows to kill Michanek and reclaim Rowena as his own as the army moves to besiege the last Naashanite stronghold, where Michanek has his home. Michanek has learned of Rowena's past and attempts to reconcile her to the idea of going back to Druss, but she will not have it.

The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend

During the druss legends, Michanek is druss legends and Rowena takes poison since she cannot face life alone. Druss is forced to venture into the netherworld to bring her back.

Druss eventually succeeds in finding Rowena, and despite a trick of Snaga's, rescues her. In the process he banishes the demon from the axe. Then he and his companions return to Drenai. You will wish that you had not. For now it may take you twenty centuries to die.


In King Beyond the Gate Ananais, the whitest druss legends of the three protagonists, has "freed" prisoners ambushed and killed to prevent them joining the enemy again.