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The present invention relates to a mandrel, that is to say, a chuck for clamping a workpiece turning, grinding by pressing an expandable portion of the mandrel on the walls of an axial bore provided in said room.

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Discloses a first type of mandrel, the body "mandrel shaft" has an anterior portion having, prior to tightening, the shape of a hollow cylinder provided with several longitudinal slits.

The cours de tournage conique of this slit portion is obtained by sliding along the axis thereof a countersunk screw, so that the slotted portion during tightening takes a conical shape with an apex angle more important. Said countersunk screw is located at the end of a longitudinal pulling.

When mounting the chuck on the machine spindle, is screwed onto the tie rod that along the axis of the machine spindle can be slid to control the tightening or loosening of the workpiece.


A fastening nut is used to secure the shaft of the mandrel on the front side of the machine spindle. Although this type of mandrel is relatively simple to manufacture and inexpensive, it has several drawbacks. First, the conical expansion of the slotted portion is irregular, so that the clamp lacks precision.

Similarly, the diameter of clamping characterizing each mandrel is unique to a finishing machining close, cours de tournage conique that the user is forced to change mandrel when it is to machine a workpiece whose bore has a sufficiently different diameter previous room.

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These disadvantages obviously cause a waste of time and significant costs. A number of these drawbacks are absent from a second type of conventional mandrel also manufactured by the assignee of the present invention.


In this type of mandrel, the shaft has a forward cours de tournage conique shape portion. In thus reverse the mandrel described above, this is the expandable portion which is axially slidable to effect tightening or loosening. In addition, there is no risk of rupture or of inelastic deformation of the sleeve is actuated when pulling the control, in the presence or absence of a workpiece.

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Finally, to pass from one room to another of different bore diameter, it is sufficient to change the bushing, and not the entire mandrel. In this known chuck, the sleeve is extended rearwardly by a coupling sleeve which is attached to the cours de tournage conique command by means of a pin held in place by a retaining ring encircling said sleeve.

Disassembly of the bushing with its coupling sleeve, and substituting another similar socket takes time. It has therefore been found desirable to be able to use at best the removability of the expandable portion offered by this type of mandrel, to invent a socket mounting system on the mandrel which allows a rapid change of sleeve and easy.


The present invention therefore aims to significantly shorten the time required to change the socket, while preserving the advantages of this second type of conventional core. To do this, it proposes an expandable mandrel comprising a shaft having a conical front end, an expansion sleeve consisting of a ring with longitudinal slots intended to slide over said conical front end, the inner wall of the bushing also having the form of a cone, the top angle is equal to that of said conical front end, and a tie rod intended to be cours de tournage conique to a rod that can be slid along the axis of the machine spindle for controlling the tightening cours de tournage conique loosening of a workpiece.

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