Techniques for soloing in a major key over a simple chord progression (A-E-Bm-D) using the Gurf Morlix solo. Kristofer Dahl22nd December Muris - you totally floored me with this one (second time this week?!). I have been longing for this kind of country solo at. In this video I look at how you might build a country-style solo by developing a single lick through a chord.


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For example, to get C7 chord in lead I simply borough 3rd from Gm pentatonic etc. Lots of different techniques tho: Tempo is bpm, key of G.

This next exercise should clearly demonstrate the country twang sound. I placed the country solos for guitar under the tab, to help you.

Building a Solo – Country Style | John McNiel - Guitarist

As you bend the 4th fret g string keep the note bent then play the the 5th fret of the b and small e string, which are both played by barring holding down both strings with your pinky. So, all 3 notes are played, as you are releasing the string bend country solos for guitar it's normal sound.

Exercise 2 f gb e: Bar 2 switches from hammer-ons to double pull-offs, resolving on an open D5 power chord. Use alternate picking for the palm-muted notes, and make sure your hammer-ons and pull-offs are strong and clear.

Country Lessons

This sweet, pedal steel—like lick is built around sixth intervals played on nonadjacent strings and features lots of slippery-sounding ascending and descending finger slides. Notice the half-step approaches going into the A and E chords.


The challenge here is to get all the notes to ring as close to the same volume as possible. Take note of the position shifts involved, especially in bar 2.


FIGURE 13 is a first-position bluegrass lick that sounds equally good on acoustic or electric guitar. Flat-pick all the notes that are not hammered-on or pulled-off, and strive for a seemless flow of notes. Use your pinkie to bend the B string in bar 1, supported by the ring finger, and use your ring and middle fingers for the G-string bends.

The final bend is a tricky half-step bend with the middle finger. Hold the bend and pluck the same note country solos for guitar the ring finger of your pick hand while muting the string with your fret hand.

Country Solos For Guitar Sheet Music By Steve Trovato - Sheet Music Plus

This should produce a pitchless snapping sound indicated in the notation by an X as the muted string ricochets off the fretboard. The second half of the lick consists of a roll across the top three strings with a held bend on the G string. Let all the notes ring together here until you pick the final note, the A root.

This traditional Western-swing pedal steel—like chord country solos for guitar features a series of shifting triads with chromatic approaches from a half step below.

A country solos for guitar way to practice this lick is to first learn each chord shape and then add the slides.

Pick each three-string group with the pick and your middle and ring fingers to achieve a simultaneous note attack. This study is in C and is on the up-tempo side of shuffles.

Performance Download the tab, notation, and jam track for this country soloing lesson on TrueFire.

Fast Country Solo Lesson

This is an upbeat country shuffle in C. Usually shuffles are a little slower than this, but this tempo is still danceable, which is the point of country shuffles. They are used primarily in dance music.