How to teach yourself Latin, part 1 — Quomodo nos ipsi Latine doceamus? gave a talk in Latin about. Review of Gavin Betts, Teach Yourself Latin (Hodder and Stoughton, What kind of time-frame does the author have in mind for completing the. Complete New Testament Greek Complete Middle Egyptian An introduction to classical Latin authors – ancient writers like Cicero, Tacitus and Virgil.


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This reader, already a veteran of several courses and teach-yourself books, was already feeling overstretched by unit 5.

Teach Yourself Latin

I would, however, recommend the book to those seeking a rigorous refresher course complete latin teach yourself Latin. Betts is obviously a brilliant scholar and knows both Latin grammar and Latin literature thoroughly.

In fact, is is his determination to get students to apply their knowledge of grammar to real Latin texts that attracted me to the book in the first place. One does wish that Betts might more often discard the dry tone of the stiff classicist more often.

It was amusing, for example, to see him encourage learners of the gerundive thus: Teach-yourself clients need all the help they can get, and in the case of this book, sample study plans should be laid out for students who expect to use the book once a week, or once a complete latin teach yourself, or whatever.

But the student must be encouraged to believe that he will cover the same distance every time.

Ancient Languages

Instead, the units very wildly in length and difficulty. There is very little sense of pleasure to be had from doing this course although such an expectation may be misguided.


By about unit 22 there remains little more in the student than a complete latin teach yourself, bored desire to reach unit 31 before the world ends. Even the most hardened, beaten-down scholar likes the very occasional reassurance that progress some?

Several of the units, even with the most determined scholar, can take a fortnight and more to complete unit 25, for example.


It can take so long to do a unit that the sentences illustrating a rule in the exercises might not be seen for a week or two after seeing the rule. Few students will remember abstract information for that long, meaning the exercise is complete latin teach yourself.

Get Started in Beginner's Latin: Teach Yourself: Audio Support

But it also seems very likely to this student that only a tiny minority of clients will ever finish complete latin teach yourself course. How long will the course take?

The text does not tell us. This very-determined student, however, already well versed in Latin, took about eight months to complete the course, spending no less than an hour and sometimes more than two on it every day.

Teach Yourself is working with complete latin teach yourself in this field to grow and expand our successful range of ancient languages over the next few years. People study ancient languages out of personal interest as well as for professional and academic pursuits. Get Started in Latin is the course to follow if you are taking your first steps in Latin, whether classical or medieval.


Follow a Latin story set in a medieval monastery, where conspiracy unfolds in the cloisters, Vikings threaten complete latin teach yourself attack, and young lovers set out to unmask the villains. And discover the principal authors of classical Latin and read quotations from their writings.

Teach Yourself Latin : Betts : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

I think we little men need to begin with prose such as that of Cicero and learn proper word order before moving on to poetry. Each lesson is short and easy to dash over. But this is a basic book and Mr.