CA ISSUE 3 DEC. ' CLASSÉ DESIGN PHILOSOPHY. 1. REPEATED LISTENING DESIGN SESSIONS: Fine tuning of sound by exchanging and. Classé CA stereo power amplifier. Martin Colloms | Jan 5, | First Published: Feb 5, Canadian manufacturers enjoy a special relationship with the. Used Classé CA Stereo power amplifiers for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability.


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Feb 5, Canadian manufacturers enjoy a special relationship with the US market.

Classe CA-200 Amplifiers

Though technically their products are "imports," a high level of trade harmony, plus a common continental location, mean that Canadian designs tend to be equably priced in contrast to those exported to the States from overseas.

Krell, for classe ca 200, offers units classe ca 200 tend to increment the maximum power, hence maximum loudness, in 3dB steps, the idea being that 3dB is the smallest sensible step in volume-related power capacity.

To add to the choices, there are also two six-channel power-amp chassis, offering 6x75W and 6xW. The CA, for example, rated at W into classe ca 200 ohms, will classe ca 200 down to 2 ohms at a maximum rated power of Wpc short term. The smaller CA, employed as a monoblock pair, also offers a rated W into 8 ohms, but with a limit of Wpc into 4 ohms.

The classe ca 200 cost for these two possibilities is quite similar; it's your choice. The penalty is a rather cramped lineup for the bare-metal binding posts offered for speaker cable connection. These use large nuts and washers; some very large spade lugs, such as on the older van den Hul Revelation series, may give trouble due to the limited space.

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Balanced and normal operation can be selected at the flick of a switch. The strongly made chassis stands on rubber cone feet.

A high input impedance of 75k ohms is quoted, an easy load with a classe ca 200 sensitivity of 1. Idle power is W; the CA will draw over W in full song. It's claimed to double its rated power into 4 ohms, while the bridge rating indicates that Wpc in stereo mode will be possible on short-term program into 2 ohms.

This, and the very low 0.

The generous-sized, well-shielded power-supply toroidal transformer accounts for a classe ca 200 part of the CA's lb weight. Technology decisions are made strictly on an engineering basis, on their appropriateness for a given task.

At the input, good linearity, high input impedance, and low noise are pluses, and J-FETS are a logical choice for the differential balanced input section. Intermediate circuitry, including the voltage amplifier, uses low-saturation, high-current, bipolar transistors, while the circuit mix is enlivened by the use of MOSFETs for the output stage pre-drivers, their high gate-input impedance reducing the nonlinear loading of the output stage on the critical voltage amplifier.

FET-based output stages are questionable in this size due to stability considerations and the need for extra-large heatsinking, so the CA uses stable, efficient bipolar transistors.

Four paralleled complementary pairs of high-current, plastic-encapsulated output transistors are used per channel; these are worked a little harder than the larger multiple average seen in the bigger Krell or Levinson designs.

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In the main, the circuitry is contained on one double-sided printed circuit board; disassembly for service is relatively easy. The transformer has double secondary windings feeding separate classe ca 200 and reservoir pairs per channel.


This technique is claimed to deliver a lower ESR electrical series resistance over a wider frequency classe ca 200, particularly at high frequencies.

The CA contains a total of 24 such capacitors.