The City of Joy [Dominique Lapierre] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is the story of living saints and heroes-- those who abandoned. Celebrity writer of popular history, Dominique Lapierre, who, with collaborator Larry Collins, had turned the transfer of power in into the. Dominique Lapierre's novel The City of Joy was originally published in French as La Cite De La Joie in The English translation by Kathryn Spink was also.


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Rani and left his home to Calcutta for better living. Then, he found that Calcutta was harder than in Bihar.

The City of Joy by Dominique Lapierre

He made his children became beggar, and Hasari himself had to sell his blood. They all lived in the street. By the help of a friend, Ram, Hasari became an pedicab driver. From the money he collected, Hasari could afford him and his family to move to Anand Nagar.

Until one day, City of joy dominique lapierre found himself was affected by TBC - many poor people like Hasari suffered from this illness, including his best friend, Ram - But Hasari still have one obligue, to find his eldest daughter a husband.

Book review: Dominique Lapierre's 'The City of Joy'

But, finding a good husband meant expensive dowry. Plot[ edit ] The story revolves around the trials and tribulations of a young Polish priest, Father Stephean Kovalski, the hardships endured by a rickshaw puller, Hasari Pal in Calcutta KolkataIndia and in the second half of the book, also the city of joy dominique lapierre of a young American doctor, Max Loeb.

Father Stephan joins a religious order whose vows put them in the most hellish places on earth. He chooses not only to serve the poorest of the poor in Calcutta but also to live with them, starve with them, and if God wills it, die with them.

In the journey of Kovalski's acceptance as the Big Brother for the slum dwellers, he encounters moments of everyday miracles in the midst city of joy dominique lapierre appalling poverty and ignorance.


The slum dwellers are ignored and exploited by wider society and the authorities of power but are not without their own prejudices.

This becomes city of joy dominique lapierre by their attitude towards the lepers and the continuation of the caste system. The English edition, translated from the French by Kathryn Spink and published last fortnight has already shot up to the top of the international list, vying for a place this Christmas with acknowledged chart-busters.

And, perhaps for the first time, what Lapierre has presented is not a collage from the scrap-books of history but a subtle ground-level view of the human situation, done with great compassion in a form that represents the borderline between reportage city of joy dominique lapierre fiction.

Where is the City of Joy? The geographical outlines hinted at by Lapierre can be misleading, just as the sobriquet is. But it could be near the Howrah station where " Nevertheless it boasted a sad record it had the densest concentration of humanity on this planet, two hundred thousand people per square mile.

The City of Joy

It was a place where there was not even one tree for three thousand inhabitants, without a single flower, a butterfly, or a bird, apart from vultures and crows. Then his lips parted and a jet of foaming blood spurted out.


Shortly afterwards his chest caved in with a rattle. It was all over. I closed his eyes and recited the prayer for the dead.

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Less than an hour later a series of heavy blows shook the door to the room where the Son of Miracle and Kovalski were watching over the mortal remains of their friend, now enveloped in a white khadi shroud and adorned with a garland of marigolds.