Welcome to the A level Chemistry website. Please note that the A level website is still very much under construction and new material is being added on a. Maybe you people will stop bugging me by PM now:p: These notes got me my >90% in AS chem, as well as helping my entire year and a lot of. Physical Chemistry revision guide atom (AS)(updated August ) revision guide calculations I want to print them out and start making notes on them.


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1. AQA Revision Guides

There are some practicals where you are required to take maximum temperature change. The change in temperature increase and then fall. Always write observations by looking at observations mentioned chemistry a level notes the salt analysis data given at the back of the question paper.

Find a close match to your observations from the sheet, and copy the same wordings of the observations given in the data sheet. In that case, write down whatever you see. Moreover, always write proper bench reagents when you are asked to state certain reagents.

Whenever heating let the tube give time to heat. First heat gently then strongly. This way your tube will never break.


Also, take care about other possible precipitates that might confuse your results. The identification of the other cations and anions is easy.

For them just refer to the salt analysis notes given at the end of the paper. Whenever a gas evolves, there is some sort of effervescence bubbles form that occurs in the solution. Whenever you notice such a thing, just put your thumb on the top of the test-tube. chemistry a level notes

The Best Chemistry AS and A Level Notes

Now the things is that, how to identify them? Note that I find this method particularly effective, but everyone is different. What about using the textbook as well? I personally did not use the textbook.

If there's a particular section of the notes you don't understand, or think could be expanded on, that is when I chemistry a level notes resort to using the textbook.

The textbook is very wordy, chemistry a level notes a lot of superfluous information and is generally why revising would take so damn long.

These notes tell you exactly what you need to know to answer the questions on the exam paper because they are actually pretty much the same year-in, year-out. What do I do? Windows should be able to open. While you uncover it try to remember what is written in the covered part, e.

Chemistry Revision

Do not just read the card — always cover the content! This uncovering technique is for the early stages, later you should be able to write down the whole content after just reading the header.

If this is the case, move to the next card. If not, bookmark the card and memorize it repeatedly. Do at least three to four sessions per week until you know all the cards in one chapter word-perfectly.

Then move on to the next section. Generally it is better to do shorter sessions more often than longer sessions less frequently. An even better option is to ask somebody to check your knowledge by reading chemistry a level notes header aloud and comparing your answer to the content.

Alternatively, get together in learning groups and support each other. Planning It is important to plan your revision well in advance of the exam.