"The afternoon wind comes and goes between India and Brazil tirelessly." -Cecilia Meireles. Among the Latin American literary giants who. Cecilia Meireles is among the great poets of Latin America. Her poems knew few boundaries, inspired as they were by the sea, flowing. CECÍLIA MEIRELES . Born a carioca (from Rio de janeiro) on November 7, , by the time of the first phase of the Modernist Movement in Brazil.


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Cecilia meireles she even got to meet Jawaharlal Nehru, of whom she wrote to a friend: Tomorrow Cecilia meireles have a special lunch with Nehru he looks very much like me, he has many teeth and he is very black like me…I believe we will become good friends.

Cecilia Meireles

Cecilia is one of the finest voices in Brazilian poetry and the Portuguese language. She set out to Cecilia meireles on a spiritual inquiry; a quest for self-realization, poetic meditation and the wisdom of life. Those who know you, are touched forever in their hearts, O patient India.

She longed to return to India. In a poem written inthree years before her untimely death, she wrote: It is fitting that Cha Com Letras, a monthly literary event cecilia meireles by the Embassy of India in Brasilia, is paying homage cecilia meireles this great Brazilian poet who loved and was deeply inspired by India.

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How fortunate am I to be able to breathe in a country [India] where one still thinks in those terms! What a hope in life! What a renewal of faith in humanity. At night, in the middle of a dream, I seemed to detach myself from the body and move through unique places with colourful atmospheres, where certain figures slid through me Light, fire, musicrhythm My eyes are full of sadness In she participated in a symposium on the work of Gandhiand India had a great cecilia meireles on her work.

She had taught cecilia meireles both Hindi and Sanskrit. Her other works include plays and children's books. During her career Meireles was affected by many of the literary movements of her time.


However, her poetry always remained intensely personal. Two years later she was appointed lecturer at the new Federal University in Rio de Janeiro. In she was a visiting professor of Brazilian cecilia meireles and culture at the University of Texas.

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It has been described as "an airy and vague poetry, languid and fluid, set in an atmosphere of shadows and dreams. Although her next collections included lyrics in free verse, she still stick to traditional forms and French symbolism.

Between and she contributed to the magazines Arvore Nova and Terra do Sol. The cecilia meireles and transcendental magazine Festa 'festival' started to publish her poems from Especially Portuguese poetry started to interest her.


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